MACS Lift Tijuana – Mexico

If deep lines and wrinkles, sagging facial muscles or a drooping neck are making you feel wretched, it might be time to explore some rejuvenating options such as MACS lift in Tijuana, Mexico. Electing to get cosmetic surgery in Tijuana won’t erase your hard earned money as easily as it will erase your unwanted wrinkles!

According to the 2011 U.S. Census, a total of 49.9 million Americans are currently without insurance. Additionally, elective surgery such as a facelift is not covered by most insurance companies. Add to this insurance dilemma, the increasing importance of a pleasing physical appearance, and it is easy to understand why people are choosing to get affordable surgery in Mexico to aesthetically enhance their looks.

What is a MACS Lift?

A MACS lift, also known as a Minimal Access Cranial Suspension, is an innovative form of facelift surgery that is minimally invasive and helps correct sagging facial features. This procedure is meant to improve the contours of your face while softening deep lines and wrinkles that mar your countenance.

Developed by Dr. Patrick Tonnard and Dr. Alex Verpaele of Belgium in 2001, it differs from a regular facelift in the following manners:

  • The main incision is limited to the skin hairline junction above the ear and anterior to the ear and does not extend behind the ear.
  • The area of undermining is limited to a small portion of the cheek, unlike a conventional facelift. This leads to better blood flow to the skin and therefore, less risk of skin necrosis.
  • This procedure is highly recommended for smokers.
  • This process is less invasive and therefore, has lesser risk of damage to the facial nerve.
  • Since the process is less invasive, the post-operative swelling and bruising is lesser as compared to a regular facelift. This makes recovery quicker.

Ideal candidates are required to have minimal health issues and should be mentally prepared for the process of rejuvenation and after-care as prescribed.

It is important to remember that MACS lift (Mini Facelift) in Tijuana will make you look younger, more radiant and refreshed but it will not change your facial features.

Why Choose to Get a MACS Lift in Tijuana – Mexico?

An article by Rema Scalza, titled “For Cheaper Medical Care, Try Tijuana”, published in The Washington Post on March 4, 2011 reports that the costs of surgical procedures in the border town could be 40%-50% lower than in the U.S. There are many reasons for choosing surgery for neck and jaw line in Tijuana, MX such as the following: the-city-of-tijuana-bc

  • As stated above, the low cost of MACS lift surgery in Tijuana, Mexico makes it a viable option for foreign patients. Additionally, you can choose to get other cosmetic surgeries, such as liposuction or tummy tuck in Tijuana with the money that you save on your procedure.
  • Given the proximity to the U.S., it is a breeze to get a Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lift in Tijuana. Also ease of passage means that you can head back for any additional post-operative check-ups without spending a ton of money.
  • The reputable hospitals in Mexico take pride in their modern technology, topnotch equipment and excellent medical services. Patients can easily find hospitals that specialize in facial rejuvenation procedures such as mini face lifts in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • The leading plastic surgeons in Mexico are well trained professionals who are board certified and recognized. Their skilled work will be reflected on your face after you undergo corrective sagging cheeks and skin surgery in Tijuana.
  • As increasing number of surgeons practicing plastic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico undergo training in the U.S., you are likely to be under the care of a bilingual professional. So you will be able to discuss your concerns and questions about your MACS lift in Tijuana, without any linguistic barriers.
  • Another huge advantage is the ease with which you can schedule your Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lift in Tijuana. Minimal waiting lists mean that you can be nipped, tucked and sent your way home within a few days!
  • An article by Diana Guevara titled “Is Tijuana safe again”, published in NBC San Diego on January 18, 2012 states that violence in Tijuana has dropped substantially, making it a much safer city to travel to. With a mind to boost the economy, the local government is focused on making the city safe and welcoming to tourists.
  • The low cost of MACS lift surgery in Tijuana should not deter you from doing your research. Make sure all the promises made to you are put down on paper before you part with your money.

Getting a MACS Lift (Mini Facelift) in Tijuana: Useful Tips

  • Like any other big city, you need to navigate through Tijuana with common sense and care. Stay on the beaten track!
  • While traveling to get your MACS lift mini facelift in Tijuana, carry small amounts of cash. Many American banks have their branches in Tijuana. You can withdraw money as you need it. Be wary of pickpockets.
  • Avoid drinking tap water while you are in Tijuana, MX for neck and jawline surgery.
  • Please look at all travel directives from the U.S. Department of State before leaving for your sagging cheeks and skin surgery in Tijuana.
  • Please stay away from any illegal activity during your stay for MACS lift surgery in Tijuana.
  • American citizens need passports or passport cards to enter the country but do not require visas for short stays in border towns like Tijuana.
  • The emergency number in Mexico is 066.
  • Logistically, Tijuana will be a feasible destination for potential medical tourists from California (San Diego is only about 17 miles from Tijuana). On the other hand, getting MACS lift in Ciudad Juarez  (located about 10 miles from El Paso, TX) can be weighed by potential medical travelers from Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.

With advanced surgical hospitals, respected surgeons and increasing tourist safety, choosing to get MACS lift in Tijuana, Mexico is an easy solution for unwanted wrinkles, lines and droops on your face.

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