Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

If you are dreading the upcoming swimsuit season or walking into your upcoming class reunion because of unsightly extra pounds, getting gastric sleeve in Puerto Vallarta –Mexico might be an optimum solution. A relatively new procedure, gastric sleeve surgery is one of the popular weight loss surgeries in Mexico.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping 33.8% of the American adult population is obese. Additionally, the Get America Fit Foundation finds that obesity is the second largest cause of preventable deaths in the USA. With such troubling statistics, it is easy to understand why an increasing number of overweight patients are weighing the option of gastric sleeve surgery in the Mexican resort city. gastric-sleeve

What is Gastric Sleeve?

  • A relatively new form of weight loss surgery (WLS), gastric sleeve is a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure. Also called vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), it involves the removal of about 85% of the stomach.
  • During the procedure, the bariatric surgeon removes a portion of the stomach and leaves a tube shaped stomach that is sealed with staples. The reduced stomach volume means less caloric intake, which results in rapid weight loss.
  • The National Institutes of Health categorizes any individual with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40 as an ideal bariatric candidate.

Head to avail gastric sleeve gastrectomy in Puerto Vallarta and you will have made a life changing decision that will leave you healthy and happy!

Cost of VSG in Mexico

The low cost of living and labor as well as the low cost of medical treatments in Mexico makes getting gastric sleeve bariatric surgery in Puerto Vallarta an extremely affordable option. Most surgical packages include hotel and hospital transfers, laboratory tests and x-rays, cost of surgery and surgeon’s fees.

As American healthcare costs rise exponentially, elective surgeries are becoming prohibitively expensive. This is one of the strongest rationales to get gastric sleeve WLS in Mexico.

Why go to PVR for Sleeve Surgery?

Besides cost, there are other reasons for choosing vertical sleeve gastrectomy in the Mexican medical tourism hub.

  • The reputable weight loss surgery hospitals of Mexico are fully tooled with top notch equipment and technologies. The leading hospitals of the country are comparable to any American hospital, with global standards of hygiene and top class services. You will find similar hospitals in PVR for your gastric sleeve surgery. Mexico is also home to numerous Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals.
  • The top bariatric surgeons specialize in a range of weight loss surgeries, from lap band revision to gastric bypass surgery in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Most gastric sleeve surgeons in Mexico are conversant in English and will be able to address your concerns easily.
  • The proximity of the Mexican city to the U.S. and the ease of immigration make the city a major draw for North American patients. The city is serviced by the Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport, which has over 25 direct flights to American cities.
  • With a large number hospitals and surgeons, you will have no trouble scheduling your gastric sleeve bariatric surgery.
  • With its sub-tropical weather, stunning beaches and friendly locals, Puerto Vallarta is a prime tourist destination. You will find plenty of pleasant distractions while in the city for your surgery.

Helpful Tips

  • The Internet provides a plethora of resources. Take the time to do some research into your options before you decide on a doctor or hospital for your weight loss surgery.puerto-vallarta_3
  • Get all the terms and conditions of your sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico in writing. Remember that the laws of Mexico are very different from that of your country.
  • US citizens require current passports, birth certificates or passport cards to enter Mexico.
  • While there has been rising drug-related crimes and violence in Mexican cities, Vallarta has been deemed one of the safest cities of Mexico.
  • Check the local forecast before you schedule your gastric sleeve surgery. Generally, winter and spring are high season in Puerto Vallarta, also known as PV or PVR. While the pleasant months of winter and spring are more expensive for travel, the summers are highly avoidable given the high heat and humidity, accompanied by constant rains.

Perching on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is located roughly 1100 miles south of San Diego, California. It is a small city which also happens to be the cultural and water sports center of Mexico.

It is unlikely that you will want to take part in adventure activities such as snorkeling or diving into the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean after gastric sleeve surgery. But you could watch whales in the open waters, take a leisurely walk down its many boulevards packed with restaurants and trinket stalls, admire the architecture of Gringo Gulch, or people-watch on the famed beachside promenade of Malecon with its distinctive sculptures and performing street artists.

Beautiful vistas, elegant promenades, pristine beaches and energizing night life make PVR a tourist haven. Combine the tourist attractions with skilled bariatric surgeons and first class hospitals, all at an affordable price, and the Mexican resort city becomes an easy choice. Head to Puerto Vallarta for your gastric sleeve WLS and you will return home weighed down with memories and not extra pounds!

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