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Plastic Surgery Story – Cancun, Mexico

Michelle from Canada shares her experience about getting cosmetic surgery procedures done in Cancun, Mexico.

Following is the video narration:

“I have come here for laser hair-removal, because it bothered me always under the arm, and I also come every few months and have the pixels from my face. And the pixel, it has been amazing because it’s had people come over to me all the time and they say—your skin is so amazing—and never in my life did I think anybody would ever say that, especially after 16 years of living on the beach, people do not compliment your skin, ever, unless you’re really tanned and that shouldn’t be complimented anymore.

“I think anywhere you just feel this personal reception from him—it was very kind, and very warm and very receptive. There was just something about it that screams professionalism to me.

“I have referred a number of people to come here, and they’ve been very happy. I have a lot of guests that come from US and Canada, and sometimes I don’t know why they ask me, but I just walk by the pool and they say: Do you know where I can go for this? I then the next thing I know I am sitting here with them beside me and they are having it done the next week. So, nobody is more pleased than me if I can help them out. And that they have been happy and they don’t want to kill me afterwards.

“Yes, my mum told me she thought it was being very, ah! What’s the word—kind of self-centered, or something, she thought then, but the afterwards she told me, “oh, yeah, you had to grab this nose”.

“I just talked to a girl in the lobby who’s going to have her rhinolplasty tomorrow, and she was so nervous. She is from California and she feels really weird that she is in Mexico, but also one thing my mum told me afterwards was that Elizabeth Taylor had most of her surgeries when she was in Puerto Vallarta. So it is just that we have to clear the word that Mexico is not a good place to come because the fact is people are coming from all over the world to have their surgery here. There’s nothing wrong with the doctors in Mexico.”

If you had doubts about the quality of plastic surgery in Cancun, the above testimonial may have alleviated it. If you wish to know more, feel free to seek a free quote for your desired cosmetic surgery procedure in Cancun, Mexico.

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