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John’s Dental Treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico

In this video, John from Sacramento, California talks about his dental treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico. Quality and affordable treatment in Mexico has been the major reasons why he selected this country over US.



Following is the dental video narration.


“My name is John…I am from Sacramento, California. I have been coming, it’s my fourth year coming back here and first year I had a cap and a six tooth bridge and I had some problems with it but I come back here because they guaranteed it and replaced it all for no charge. So I have been very happy. In fact I brought friends back here with me.


My teeth work was 7000 dollars in the States and I paid 900.  The other thing I really like about coming to Mexico is the amount of time it takes to have your work done in the lab and get your teeth back whereas in States its 2-3 weeks. And the first time I was here, I got it overnight and this time I think it’s going to be 2 days to have a six or seven tooth bridge which is really fast, that’s good.


I noticed that after my procedure, they sanitized the room and wouldn’t let anybody go in for ten minutes, which was a nice thing. I don’t know what all their education background is but they appear to have the latest equipment and all seem to be professional.


They have one girl…..speaks very good English and …staying alongside and asking wats going on. I have an appointment tomorrow at 1 o’clock to have the fitting for my bridge. Then I will do the porcelain and what they do to flash the enamel on it. I will come the next day and they will put it in.”


Whether looking for affordable dental implants in Tijuana or full mouth restoration in Los Algodones, the quality of treatment and latest technology offered by the Mexican hospitals is world class.


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