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Does Algodones really have the best dental service in Mexico?

Yes it does as this video uncovers. In this candid interview, a California resident talks about the challenges she faced due to her dental problems. She also recommends a dental visit to Los Algodones since it’s cheaper and safer than rest of Mexico.



Narration – “Because I had a jaw problem, and I had bits and pieces done in my mouth and it hadn’t made it any better, so I was starting to have a noise in my ear on the left side, clicking noise, and I had ear infections twice last year and I didn’t realize this. It wasn’t until I came for my consultation and I told my own dentist you know. It wasn’t until I came for my consultation that I realized what it was. No one seemed to bother about that. You know. All they were bothered about was decay, if you had decay and I was told that I had some decay in the States.


And I came here and I asked after the consultation, X-rays and everything I said – ‘Did you find decay?’ He said – ‘There is no decay there, other than what we can do it you know some of them are worn down you know, and some of them are also near the bone you know, it could cause a problem, you can get infections in the bones, you know.’ So they told me all this in my consultation. I mean, I was just so surprised, but it was o professionally done and so wonderful, I still can’t get on with it you know. I going back and I’ll be the best speaker in my, I live in southern city, in a retirement community, five thousand homes and there are people in there that come here, right. But, I will be spreading the news to my family also, you know, because they don’t live that far away. Four of them live in California. So, I’ll be telling them don’t go to a dentist and come down here.”


Indeed, Los Algodones dental tourism is a safe option. It is also far cheaper.


To get an idea how affordable your dental vacation to Algodones can be, fill out the estimate form to your right.

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