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Cancun Pediatric Dental Surgeon – Education & Experience

The video below shows a pediatric dental surgeon from Cancun sharing her credentials. Dental tourists who bring kids along for a check-up or procedure can approach this Cancun child dentist. This pedodontist advises on child oral health and how a proactive rather than reactive approach can effectively deal with dental Caries.


Narration – “I am a pediatric dentist, I had my education, my undergraduate education in Mexico City and then I had my post-graduate education in Boston at Tufts University and New England Medical Center. I was there on 2, almost 3 years residency program.

“The fellowship at the hospital was a full coverage of all the oral treatments for the kids, medical compromise or just dental compromise. My experience was really very good because we had a full training in all the fields involving pediatric dentistry so that covers prevention, restorative, orthopedics, appliances, all the management for cleft and the palate patients. So everything involved in the realm of medical and dental aspects of care.

“Well the major procedures in pediatric dentistry are the very compromised little kids that have many many caries lesions…that it’s very difficult to treat. It’s taking the little kids that have many many dental caries and because they’re so young they cannot be treated in the dental chair so they have to be treated at one point…

And the major problems that we have to take care of as the pediatric dentists are the correct growth of the little patients because we can detect early in time when the kid is having a growth problem and then we have to manage all those growth problems and get them into good dental health and skeletal heath.

The basic residency program taught us all the aspects of the dentistry in children that covered everything, it started from prevention, restorative, orthopedic and…development, behavior management of the kid and procedures doing on the general anesthesia kids were too young to be treated on a dental chair”

Proper care and timely treatment of children’s dental problems can save RCTs and extractions, which may otherwise be required later in life. If you are planning to take your children along on your dental vacation to Mexico, you might want to fix an appointment with this Cancun pediatric dental surgeon in advance.


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