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All on Eight Vs. All on Four Dental Implants – Cancun Dentist Explains

The video shows a leading prosthodontist from Cancun explaining the difference between all on four and all on eight dental implants. He also touches upon the cases in which they should be considered. The permanency of dental implants is probably why the dentists recommend dental implant surgery in Cancun for the old.

Narration – “At first we start to choose implants for replacing just one tooth. But now, it is very common that we use in order to give our patients that have lost many teeth or all of their teeth. We have very nice options.

We can use between four and twelve implants, for maxilla and mandible in order to give different kind of restorations and many patients are very happy with just four implants that give support to a denture. In some cases we can do it fixed or in many cases removable.

There are many options and procedure for implants, for a patient we could do, in some cases, immediate load for implants and the patient can have at first something much better than he or she has formerly.”

Whether you’re seeking a complex dental implant procedure or relatively simple to perform dental crowns in Cancun, have no misgivings about the place. You’d be in for a surprise when you witness US-like dental quality at a fraction of what is charged there.


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