Serena’s life before obesity surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

The video shows Serena discussing the challenges of obesity that mired her life before she decided to go for obesity surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. She also discusses how her life has changed for good after bariatric surgery in Mexico.



Narration – “The physical challenges for me were, I was always sitting down, I thought three times before moving, if somebody wasn’t there to push me, I wouldn’t get up. Didn’t wanna walk, I was always tired, I learnt how to do everything around me, just so I didn’t have to get up. My knees hurt, my feet were always swollen and my breathing, my walking, I used to walk like a, I don’t know. And within three weeks after the surgery, I wasn’t walking like that so…

Some of the advantages that I see that now I can walk, I do more things, I don’t feel as tired, my knees don’t hurt as much, my feet are not swollen. I’m not talking my high blood pressure medicine anymore. And all of this is too much. I didn’t wanna wait until I was so morbid that I didn’t wanna wait until I got sick to do it. I wanted to do it when I’m still healthy and I can still save some of my life.”

So that was Serena, living a healthy life after the obesity surgery in Tijuana. But, what type of obesity surgery should meet you goals. Do you want to lose faster or at a more relaxed pace? Here’s another video in which an American patient in Mexico discusses why she chose gastric sleeve over stomach plication.

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