Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico – Reports You Should Carry

The video shows a leading stem cell specialist in Mexico discussing the various reports that you will need before you embark on your journey to Mexico for stem cell therapy. The doctor has a proven track record of curing over 40 patients suffering from otherwise irredeemable conditions such as multiple sclerosis, brain damage and heart disease with stem cell therapy. Tijuana in Mexico is emerging as a low cost destination for relatively new stem cell treatments.


Narration – “I’m a medical doctor, you know. I need people to send me their medical reports before they come here. The more that I can get, the better I can plan the treatment. Usually, patients send me records before. This is multiple sclerosis that has long time, if I can also reports from their medical doctors and what kinds of treatments they had before. If they were using…they were using Avonex, they were using, you know, the new medications. They were using medications that can’t help them to work better or that’s intermittent or a continuous problem. I would like to have the records because records help me a lot to plan treatment.

I’m in contact with the patients for all most two months before they come here, over the phone, over the internet. I always answer questions to them. I put a lot of emphasis and a lot of time in making the patients very comfortable before they come to us here. I’m trying to write in the patient queries, you know, they’re afraid to come to Mexico or come to the place that we are. This is a cultural shock, when they feel comfortable they can come to me and they will be very happy coming here. Always, I’m trying to find a place that is good, that is clean, that is a hospital where I can work with a very good surgical room and I could tell that they feel comfortable that they’re being treated very well and also I have a nurse that is the best nurse that you can find…her name is Angelina and she puts a lot, a lot of care to my patients, a lot of love.”

It is this progressive confidence that this doctor exudes that medical tourism in Mexico is booming. While the naysayers will go any length to prevent you from getting stem cell treatment, the results speak for themselves. Not all cases are hopeless, as this doctor says, but some require a leap of faith.


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