Treatment Plan for Stem Cell Therapies in Mexico – Part 2

In this second part of the video, a leading stem cell surgeon discusses how a treatment plan for stem cell therapies in Mexico is made. The surgeon remains in constant communication with the patient for two months prior to the patient flying down to Mexico for autologous or adult stem cell therapy. It is during these two months that the surgeon does the exhaustive groundwork to prepare a perfect treatment plan. In case you missed something, watch part 1 of the video.

Narration – “We use a special bottle that we know that the…on the sides of the bottle. And from there we’re getting the stem cells that we will put it into the eye. We do all the combinations with the doctors that we have, we have the surgeon, we have a neurologist, neurosurgeon that helps with…stem cells in epidural space and we have our anaesthesiologist, we have an ophthalmologist that they all come by 2, 3 or 4 o’ clock you know, depending on the afternoon of the day 3.

Then on day 4 we just give more growth factors, recombinant growth factors that we can buy from the pharmacies, they’re all growth factors…you know we aren’t using any thinners that is strange to the body. We are not using cells that are primarily individual. We are just using your own body to produce the cells that are important to repair.

On Friday, if everything is alright, we send the patients back. Our drivers take them to the hotel and then to San Diego airport and they go back home…Some people even come from Dubai or they come from Qatar or they come from England and from many different places from the United States.

In another video, the stem cell specialist discusses all the indispensable reports for stem cell therapy in Mexico.

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