Plastic Surgery in Mexicali – Mexico

Going under the surgeon’s scalpel to get the look you always desired will no more burn a huge hole in your pocket, thanks to plastic-surgery-in-mexicali affordable plastic surgery in Mexicali, Mexico. As per figures compiled by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery through its Biennial Global Survey in 2009, Mexico currently ranks fifth for the number of plastic procedures done globally.

Mexicali is comparatively safe for a Mexican city and plastic surgery in Mexicali is both low cost and of high quality. Mexicali, the capital of Baja California, has established itself as a prime Mexican healthcare tourism destination and is a highly thronged vacationing destination too.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico

  • Healthcare costs are on an average 40% lower in Mexico, causing some California insurers to offer plans requiring patients to undergo certain treatments in Mexico. Cosmetic procedures and weight loss surgery in Mexico are sought-after in particular.
  • You can find comparatively cheap plastic surgery in Mexicali, Mexico. Because most insurance plans do not cover plastic surgery, these cost savings are important. You can request for online plastic surgery price estimates to plan your procedure in Mexicali better.
  • Plastic surgeons in Mexicali in particular and Mexico in general often match US standards.
  • Plastic surgery in Mexico has a lot of takers as the country boasts of large pool of US-returned surgeons.
  • Doctors in Mexico have to undergo rigorous training for about six or seven years. Additionally, they have to undergo internship for practical training for about a year.
  • Mexico has a growing number of internationally accredited hospitals. The Joint Commission International (JCI) accredits US standard hospitals around the world and currently Mexico has nine JCI accredited hospitals.
  • Mexicali’s proximity to the US border has attracted some of the better Mexican plastic surgeons to open up plastic surgery offices in Mexicali.
  • The cost of plastic surgery in Mexicali, Mexico provides substantial savings compared to the US.

Other Advantages of Going for Cosmetic Surgery in Mexicali

  • plastic-surgery-in-mexicali-1Mexicali is very convenient for people coming from the United States.
  • Mexicali is a border town next to Calexico, and you can drive to the US side of the border. From there, you can walk to Mexicali in approximately five minutes.
  • As a border town, a relatively high proportion of Mexicali’s population speaks English.
  • It is safer than other Mexican border towns.

Tourism in Mexicali

Going for plastic surgery in Mexicali gives one the opportunity to vacation. Mexicali has a wide range of cuisine and due to its large Chinese population has Mexico’s best and most diverse Chinese food. Visitors often compare it to San Francisco in this regard.

Mexicali has several attractive nature sights nearby.

  • The Sierra de Juarez, Mexico’s highest monolith, offers spectacular views.
  • Both tourists and locals go to Hardy River for game hunting, kayaking, and fresh water fishing.
  • The surrounding area also has many sand dunes. So, you can indulge in adventure sports like ATV driving and motorcycling.

Some Useful Info for Those Considering Plastic Surgery in Mexicali

  • Mexicali’s area code is 686. The country code is 52. To dial a cell phone, dial 044, followed by the area code, followed by the number.
  • While Mexicali is safer than other border towns, it is still a large city, and you must use common sense.
  • Avoid street sellers and beggars.
  • Avoid drug use or excessive alcohol.
  • Do not carry a weapon, whether a gun, knife, or other weapon. Penalties are harsh.
  • Mexicali lies on the San Andrea fault line. So, study how to respond during an earthquake.
  • Do not drink tap water.
  • Call 066 for emergency medical attention. You can only visit private hospitals, as public hospitals do not admit foreigners.
  • Cosmetic surgery in Tijuana can be more practical for Californians. Tijuana is only 17 miles from San Diego, CA.

For medical tourism and cheap cosmetic surgery, Mexicali, Mexico is an excellent option in terms of cost, quality, and convenience. You can receive treatment for plastic surgery in Mexicali, Mexico at a substantial discount, spend almost nothing on travel time and travel expenses, and enjoy Mexicali’s food and nearby sights and activities.


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