Dental Bridge in Los Algodones

Bent, crooked or even missing teeth can mar the most dazzling of smiles. You are automatically self-conscious of your dental dental-bridges_0_0imperfections because you do not want to become the butt of everyone’s jokes. However, many Americans who suffer from this dilemma are hesitant to get teeth bridges in the United States because of the cost.

For those looking for substantial savings on getting their missing teeth replaced, getting a dental bridge in Los Algodones may be a worthy consideration. Fixed dental bridges in Los Algodones cost substantially lower than in the United States, thanks to a rising dental tourism industry fuelled by the presence of state-of-the-art dental clinics.

Dental Bridges Explained

  • A dental bridge is a dental restoration used to fix a missing tooth, by joining it to either the adjacent teeth, or even to dental implants.
  • Usually, a bridge is composed of two different crowns on either side of the missing spot or gap. Dental bridges may be placed directly in the mouth with materials like composite resin.
  • Dental bridges are a popular form of remedy for missing teeth because they are made to look like real teeth.
  • According to WebMD, dental bridges can survive anywhere from five to fifteen years.

Why is Los Algodones a Good Place to Get Dental Bridges?

It is safe to assume that many dental procedures come out very expensive if patients choose to get them in the United States. To be specific, a standard 3-crown bridge, in the United States would cost around $3,250. However, not everyone has that kind of money to spend on dental bridges, and many insurance policies do not cover procedures of this nature.

Fortunately, the costs of teeth bridges in Mexico, specifically in Algodones, are more pocket friendly. One can get dental bridges for thousands of dollars less. You save almost 70% over the American prices. The good news is that this is not the only advantage.

  • Los Algodones is very close to the United States.
  • This little Mexican town is only about seven miles from Yuma, Arizona. our-associate-hotel-in-los-algodonesThis automatically makes the area very accessible to plenty of American residents.
  • The city is the home of many great dental clinics, all with teams of talented dentists. In fact, we have a dental clinic in our network in Los Algodones which boasts of talented dentists and oral surgeons, who all have degrees from various reputable universities around Mexico.
  • The dentists have undergone refresher courses in prestigious institutions such as:
    • Harvard Medical School in  Boston, Massachusetts
    • Mega’Gen Implants Factory in Seoul, Korea.
    • Our associate clinic in the Mexican border town is a member of the ADA (American Dental Association) and is very transparent when it comes to prices of procedures.
  • This dental clinic is also much updated in terms of dental technology. It is:
    • One of the few clinics in Mexico to use the CAD/CAM technology
    • Has equipment for panoramic x-rays and digital periapical x-rays
    • Has systems in place for filtered water and room sterilization
  • Besides this, the clinic:
    • Has its own hotel with well-appointed rooms in Algodones which patients can choose for their stay
    • Offers free shuttle service between the border, hotel and clinic

Making Your Mexican Trip Relaxing and Fun

If you’re thinking about getting a dental bridge in Los Algodones, there are certainly ways to make your trip eventful for all the right reasons. Do skim over these tips on how to make your dental trip a stress-free one.

  • Patients coming from San Diego, Arizona and New Mexico will not find it difficult to get to the Mexican border town. You can even go there by car, park it in the American side of the border, and walk about a block to get to your clinic in Mexico.
  • There is no need to plan out extensive transportation arrangements, unless you are planning to fly.
  • Many local businesses here, due to proximity to the United States, accept American dollars.
  • For those who are concerned about the safety of the town, the American government has deemed the tiny border town safe for tourists.
  • It is important to remember that Americans have to present their passports/passport cards upon entry to the U.S, so they should take note to bring their passports with them when they cross the border.

If US and Canada based patients find dental bridges in their country too expensive, they now have a more affordable alternative within reach. Getting a dental bridge in Los Algodones is a quality and pocket-friendly alternative.

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