Epigastric Hernia Surgery Mexico

A painless swelling in the tummy area which may become more pronounced when you are crying, in the process of bowel movement, or if you are doing any sort of activity that requires pressure in the abdomen could mean that you have an epigastric hernia. And for a low cost solution to your affliction, you may want to consider epigastric hernia surgery in Mexico. Repair for epigastric hernia in Mexico comes with the advantage of being easy on the pocket compared to getting treated in the USA, Canada or any other First World country.

An Introduction to Epigastric Hernias

Before we dive into what laparoscopic epigastric hernia repair in Mexico entails, it is first important to understand what a hernia is:

  • A hernia is a weakness in the muscles that can form on the wall of the body.
  • When you suffer from a hernia, the bowel and even sometimes other organs can push through the weak spot and create a bulge in the area.
  • Hernias can sometimes occur in the gristle between the breastbone and the belly button. This area is also referred to as the epigastrium, so it follows that when a hernia occurs here, it is called an epigastric hernia.
  • In more serious cases of epigastric hernia, the hernia may be strangulated. This can be characterized by color changes in the swelling area, vomiting, nausea, severe pain, and diarrhea. Epigastric hernia treatment in Mexico can help you live a normal life again.
  • During an epigastric hernia surgical procedure, the area of weakness is repaired. The abdominal contents that may have moved are also returned to their original and normal position. Sometimes, the surgeon may apply a “mesh” repair, in which a piece of mesh is placed upon the incision site or repaired hernia in order to give it extra support.
  • If you are contemplating repair for epigastric hernia in Mexico be aware that the surgical procedure is still a challenge to surgeons. A study by U Muschaweck published in the October 2003 edition of the journal The Surgical Clinics of North America recommends the application of a “tailored-to-the-patient’ reparation procedure with the “use of a customized polypropylene mesh and single layered suture”.

Benefits of Epigastric Hernia Surgery in Mexico

The rationales for getting surgery for hernia of the epigastrum in Mexico are as follows:

  • Many a Mexican city borders with a number of major US cities, namely San Diego and Calexico in Baja California, El Paso in Texas, Lukeville and Nogales in Arizona and Columbus in New Mexico. It may be a short drive for patients from these areas to get to a hospital in a Mexican border town.
  • Majority of the doctors and hospital staff in the leading hospitals in Mexico are bilingual. Those who may be worried about a possible language barrier or miscommunication need not be, as majority of the physicians in the good hospitals of Mexico are fluent in both English and Spanish.
  • The leading hospitals in Mexico are modern and world class. Patients who are concerned that they may be receiving second rate health and hospital care in Mexico need not worry. The leading hospitals use technology similar to that used in First World countries, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe. Hence, despite the low epigastric hernia repair surgery cost in Mexico, one can rest assured about the quality of the treatment being comparable to that found in the developed countries of the West.
  • You may even choose to apply for a medical loan to finance your upper abdomen hernia repair in Mexico.
  • With all that you save on your epigastric hernia repair surgery in Mexico, you can easily squeeze in an elective procedure. For example, Mexico dental care is very affordable, especially compared to the US. So is plastic surgery in Mexico. Should you have a family member who is in need of it, then you can make a trip out of it, saving all of your time and effort.

Epigastrial Surgery in Mexico – Possible Impediments

There are pros and cons to every decision that we make. Getting epigastric hernia repair in Mexico is of no exception. It may be helpful to you to consider these possible impediments before making your decision.

  • Those that live in the East Coast or in Middle America may not find Mexico a convenient location for surgery. Patients from these areas may have to take longer flights, and ultimately travel longer hours to get to and from their location.
  • Mexico is a relatively safe place. However, in some areas, especially those that have been deemed unsafe for tourists, there may be higher rates of crime. Those that wish to travel to Mexico for surgery are advised to steer clear of any areas that the US government has considered dangerous and unsafe
  • Be prepared for possible language barriers when out on the street and arm yourself with a Spanish dictionary to help you along.

At the end of the day, the patient should consult a trusted doctor and physician to undergo epigastric hernia surgery in Mexico and allow her/him to be guided into making the best decision!


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