Thigh Lift in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Cosmetic surgery procedures like thigh lift in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico can help you get those shapely legs you have always desired. Many medical tourists from the US and Canada cross the border every year to get cosmetic surgery in Mexico because of their excellent healthcare services for affordable prices.

Cost of Thigh Lift Surgery in Mexico

  • thigh-lift-in-ciudad-juarezGenerally, most things are more affordable in Mexico than in countries like the US and Canada.
  • Their lower cost of living allows them to offer surgeries and other medical procedures for lower prices even when the quality rivals that of first world countries.
  • The cost of thigh lift surgery in Ciudad Juarez and other parts of Mexico can therefore be so miniscule that people consider it worthwhile to travel outside of their countries for a medical trip to another place.

About Thigh Lift Surgery

  • According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a thigh lift surgery is performed to improve the thigh’s shape and contours, and it can be done in combination with other procedures like liposuction and body lifts.
  • Bilateral, lateral, upper, outer, spiral, and medial thigh lift in Ciudad Juarez are available, depending on the client’s problems areas and the surgeon’s recommended approach to surgery.
  • A thigh lift not only reduces bulging tissues, but also results in a smoother appearance of skin in the thighs. A compression garment may be required to be worn for weeks after the surgery and some swelling and bruising may show in the treated areas.
  • Butt augmentation surgery in Mexico is also popular, as recent times have had popular cultural icons showing people that firm, shapely buttocks are all the rage.
  • Other cosmetic surgery procedures that can be combined with thigh lift surgery are liposuction, butt lift, breast lift, and many others.

Why Get Plastic Surgery in Ciudad Juarez?

  • ciudad-juarez_1Picking a good hospital in Ciudad Juarez for thigh lift surgery is easy; our network hospitals in Mexico are equipped with advanced facilities.
  • You may be able to find surgeons for thigh lift in Ciudad Juarez who are affiliated with US cosmetic surgery associations, as a lot of Mexican doctors have studied or trained in the US.
  • We are able to connect clients to hotels that provide discounted rates and hospitals and clinics that provide free transportation. It is also common to pick up patients in El Paso, Texas – around 30 minutes away from one of the hospitals in our Juarez network.

Ciudad Juarez is a city that is almost considered an extension of Texas, as it is very common to find Americans from around the area crossing the border for cheap medical treatments or dental care in Mexico. Some people may find that getting thigh lift in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is an odd concept, but in times when money is hard to come by, doing so may mean that you get to keep most of your savings intact for other important things in your life.

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