Heart Surgery in Mexico

The human heart is a complicated piece of machinery. Correcting any problems with the heart is usually a very expensive and intricate process.  heart-surgerySo if you are suffering from any cardiovascular diseases, you can get top-class, yet inexpensive heart surgery in Mexico. With a range of cities like Cancun, Ciudad Juarez, and Tijuana offering a range of medical services, an increasing number of patients are heading to undergo affordable treatment in Mexico.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, coronary heart diseases cost the United States over $108.9 billion in 2010. This amount of money includes the cost of health care services, medications, and the lost productivity. Given the high price of treating coronary diseases, it makes sense to get low cost heart surgery in Mexico.

Different Kinds of Heart Surgeries

There has been enormous development in the field of cardiovascular medicine. With a range of advanced procedures, it is easier to tackle many of the diseases that attack the heart. For instance, you can get robotic heart surgery in Mexico, at rock bottom prices. You could also opt for a state-of-the-art stem cell treatment for heart diseases in Tijuana, Cancun, and other parts of Mexico.

Some of the other procedures that fall under the category of heart surgery are as follows:

  • Angioplasty and stents: This is a non-surgical technique for opening a blocked artery. A stent is a tube that is inserted in the artery to keep it open.
  • Bypass surgery: Also called a coronary artery bypass graft, this method requires the surgeon to create a bypass around a blocked artery. You are likely to find top-rated heart surgery hospitals in Mexico that will perform this increasingly common procedure at low prices.
  • Heart valve surgery and valvuloplasty: Meant to treat heart valve disease, these procedures depend on the patients’ heart condition and overall health.
  • Heart Transplant: As the name suggests, this procedure is a complicated procedure where the surgeons replaces an ailing heart with a healthy donor heart.
  • Pacemakers: These engineered devices are placed in your heart to keep it on track.

These are some of the advanced procedures available to any patient suffering from heart diseases. So if you need any of these procedures, consider cardiac surgery in Mexico as you will come back with a repaired heart without spending a bomb!

Advantages of Availing Heart Surgery in Mexico

According to the 2011 U.S. Census, almost 49.9 million Americans do not have any insurance. This can be catastrophic if you suffer from major life-threatening heart conditions. These statistics explain why Mexico is a top surgical tourism destination for Americans and other global medical tourists.

Some of the top reasons for getting any kind of cardiac surgery in Mexico are as follows:

  • The low cost of heart surgery in Mexico is the primary reason for patients seeking to undergo treatment in this country. Patients can save 40 to 60 percent in costs as compared to similar procedures in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
  • Patients can choose from a range of JCI-accredited hospitals in Mexico.
  • They can choose from a long list of trained medical professionals, many of whom can speak English fluently.
  • The leading heart surgery hospitals of Mexico are very well-equipped and are in strict compliance with international standards of hygiene and safety.
  • Another huge advantage for Americans is the proximity of Mexican cities. The short commute makes heart surgery in Mexico a cost-effective choice.

Medical Travel in Mexico – Handy Tips

With Mexico, you have a platter full of choices. So make sure you study all your medical and tourism options before heading out to get a cardiac surgery in Mexico.

Some other important pointers are as follows:

  • Read all the details of your surgical package before heading to Mexico for heart surgery.aquatours-in-cancum-mexico Since malpractice laws in Mexico are not as stringent as in the U.S. or Canada, you need to protect yourself.
  • U.S. and Canadian citizens need current passports, birth certificates or passport cards to enter any city in Mexico. Citizens of other countries can talk to specialists at the Mexican Consulate that serves their region before heading to Mexico for low-cost cardiac surgery.
  • Use common sense during your stay for cardiac surgery in Mexico. Do not use or buy narcotics.
  • Leave your valuables at home. Stay away from overly cheap deals. If it appears too good to be true, it probably is. So use accredited hotels and transportation options.
  • If you plan to rent a car, please remember that you will need a valid driver’s license. Additionally, you must be above 25 years of age. Also, you will probably need additional rental auto insurance. So check with your insurance carrier.

Whether you choose to go to trendy Cancun, colorful Tijuana, or the conveniently close border town of Ciudad Juarez, you will be able to choose from top rated hospitals and surgeons. If you opt for your heart surgery in Mexico, you can look forward to returning with a lighter, healthier heart without breaking the bank!


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