Glaucoma Eye Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico

If you are having trouble with your vision, you might be suffering from glaucoma. eye-surgerySo talk to your doctor and if confirmed, look into the option of glaucoma eye surgery in Tijuana, Mexico to alleviate the problem without burning a hole in your pocket. With their topnotch surgical hospitals and leading ophthalmologic surgeons, increasing numbers of people are heading to avail affordable eye treatment in Mexico.

The 2011 U.S. Census found that an astonishing 49.9 million Americans did not have any insurance and many more were severely underinsured. This number has continued to trend upwards. Add the rising cost of medical procedures and it is easy to understand why patients suffering from visual impairment due to glaucoma are heading for quality eye treatment in Tijuana.

What is Glaucoma Surgery?

Glaucoma is defined as a group of eye conditions that causes damage to the optic nerve. In a majority of cases, damage to the optic nerve is due to increased pressure in the eye, also known as intraocular pressure (IOP).

The second most common cause of blindness in the United States (as per Medline Plus), glaucoma has four manifestations. They are as follows:

  • Open-angle (chronic) glaucoma
  • Angle-closure (acute) glaucoma
  • Congenital glaucoma
  • Secondary glaucoma

You will need to undergo a complete eye test including tonometry (checks eye pressure) for proper diagnosis. Once diagnosed, your eye doctor will decide on the proper treatment path to reduce eye pressure.

While some forms of glaucoma can be dealt with a combination of eye drops, others will require different forms of treatment. Some of the options that you can choose from for your glaucoma treatment in Tijuana are as follows:

  • Iridotomy or laser therapy directs a focused beam of light into the eye’s trabecular meshwork, which is the eye’s drainage system to increase the flow of fluid out of the eye. This decreases eye pressure.
  • Conventional glaucoma surgery, also called filtering microsurgery is used to create a drainage hole in the eye. This new opening allows the collecting fluid to bypass clogged drainage canals and flow out.

If you choose your glaucoma treatment in Tijuana, Mexico, you will be able to ease your vision worries at a fraction of American costs.

Why Choose Glaucoma Eye Surgery in Tijuana?

In 2011, the Washington Post carried an article “For Cheaper Medical Care, Try Tijuana” by Remy Scalza, which reported that the cost of medical procedures in the Mexican city were a whopping 40%-50% lower than the U.S.

If you choose glaucoma surgery in Tijuana, you can find a ton of advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • The biggest advantage is the location. Easy access to the city from San Ysidro, California means lesser travel expenses, easier access to medical and surgical professionals, and ease of returning in case of any additional postoperative check-ups.
  • The leading eye care centers in Mexico are well-equipped, sterilized operations that offer excellent medical services at rock bottom prices. So you are likely to get world-class glaucoma treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • You will find an expansive list of well-qualified eye surgeons to choose from. For your glaucoma laser surgery in Tijuana, you will find well-trained professionals, with extensive experience and certifications.
  • Glaucoma surgery can be stressful. So you will be pleased to find that most medical professionals are bilingual and will be able to discuss all your concerns about getting glaucoma surgery in Tijuana – Mexico without any language problems.
  • Additionally, you are unlikely to meet any scheduling problems in Mexico. So you will be able to get the date and time that is convenient for you.
  • If you are worrying about the high incidence of violence and crime in Mexico, a January 2012 NBC San Diego report by Diana Guevara should ease some of your worries. The report found that violence in Tijuana has reduced substantially. Given the rising interest of foreign patients in seeking low cost medical procedures, the government is striving hard to make Tijuana synonymous with tourist safety and security.

Useful Tips on Medical Trip to Tijuana

  • Before getting glaucoma treatment in Tijuana, Mexico, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of your medical package. Ask questions and get everything in writing.starbucks-coffee-shop-in-tijuana
  • During your stay for glaucoma eye surgery in Tijuana, use common sense as you travel within and out of the city. Stay in well-lit and populated areas. Do not walk around alone at night.
  • It is best to leave all valuables at home.
  • Beware of pickpockets. The emergency number in Mexico is 066.
  • Drink bottled water while your trip for laser glaucoma surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • American citizens need passports, birth certificates or passport cards to enter the country. If you are American or Canadian citizens, no visas are required for short stays.

With its world class hospitals, well-trained eye surgeons and cheap yet top-rated medical procedures, getting glaucoma treatment in Tijuana, Mexico is an easy choice. So head to the border town, and get the needed treatment to ease eye pressure as well as your worries about your vision problems.


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