Antireflux Surgery Mexico

Antireflux surgery in Mexico is an affordable option to stop acid reflux that causes heartburn – a painful sensation in the chest or the upper abdomen. Despite the great prices, if you choose a good hospital for your treatment, antireflux-surgerythe quality of your care will not be compromised. Medical tourism in Mexico is experiencing a healthy growth, owing to the continuous efforts of the country’s healthcare sector to compete worldwide as a foremost low cost, high quality healthcare provider.

According to a report published by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases entitled “Smoking and Your Digestive System,” heartburn is a common problem among Americans, particularly among those who smoke. Over 60 million Americans suffer from heartburn at least once a month, and an estimated 15 million have it on a daily basis.

Affordable GERD Treatment in Mexico

Due to its close proximity to the US, for Americans getting acid reflux surgery in Mexico can be a logistically feasible option. Antireflux surgery cost in Mexico can be about half of the price charged in high-income countries. Quality treatment, great savings, and convenience all rolled into one!

Thousands of people come to different Mexican cities every year for various surgical and non-surgical procedures that are comparably easy on the pocket. From a simple breast reduction in Cancun, to a more serious meniscus repair in Ciudad Juarez, to a smile refurbishing procedure involving dental implants in Tijuana, patients go home both physically and financially relieved.

Antireflux Surgery to Treat GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

Considering affordable GERD treatment in Mexico? Here are some quick facts to guide you in your journey down the road to recovery:

  • GERD or gastric acid reflux disease causes food or stomach acid to come back up the esophagus. This happens when the muscles connecting the esophagus and the stomach do not close tightly enough.
  • Before getting any treatment for GERD in Mexico, expect to undergo some medical exams such as blood tests, esophageal manometry or pH monitoring, upper endoscopy, and X-rays of the esophagus. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or taking any drugs without a prescription.
  • Your doctor might recommend nissen fundoplication in Mexico when you’re experiencing chronic heartburn which can’t be controlled anymore by medication or other means.
  • For reduced postoperative pain, less surgical complications, shorter hospital stay and faster recovery of 2 to 4 weeks, ask for less-invasive laparoscopic antireflux surgery in Mexico.

Advantages of Antireflux Surgery in Mexico

Affordability – Antireflux surgery in Mexico, like all other medical procedures, is quite cheap in comparison with the high cost of health care in developed countries of the world. For one thing, the cost of living in Mexico is cheaper. Another reason behind the affordability of procedures vis-à-vis the prices charged in the First World is Mexico’s drive to gain a competitive edge over other medical tourism hubs, such as India and Thailand, in terms of quality and cost of medical services.

Quality of medical care – There are many highly-qualified doctors to perform surgery for GERD in Mexico. Many of the leading doctors of the country have honed their skills in the best medical schools across the US and Europe. In addition to expert doctors, a lot of hospitals in Mexico are accredited by the JCI and the ISO, thereupon meeting the strict standards for medical facilities and equipment.

Communication – Many of the Mexican doctors are used to treating patients from across the border and so, are fluent in English and are sensitive to their patients’ specific needs.

Travel opportunity – Plan a travel itinerary around your treatment schedule in Mexico to turn this healthcare journey into a culturally enriching experience. You can use the money you saved to visit some of the spectacular sites that can only be found in this tropical paradise. Search great deals on vacation packages to make your trip more convenient.

Traveling for Nissan Surgery in Mexico – Handy Tips

  • Before heading to avail acid reflux surgery in Mexico, do further research to find the best surgeon and hospital. Reading credible testimonials is a great way to find out what’s best out there.ciudad-juarez_3
  • US citizens do not require a visa to stay within 30 kilometers in Mexico from the border for up to 72 hours. Only a passport or any valid ID, such as license, can be presented for entry.
  • US dollars and major credit cards are widely accepted in Mexico. Make sure to carry small denominations of Mexican peso for tipping in restaurants, paying taxi fare, or buying souvenirs in local markets.
  • Mexico is usually warm throughout the year but some parts of the country get very cold in the winter season. Bring appropriate clothing.

With the benefits of satisfying treatment outcomes, great savings, world-class hospitals and doctors, and warm hospitality, antireflux surgery in Mexico may just turn out to be the experience of a lifetime for you.


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