Gallbladder Removal in Mexico

Gallbladder removal in Mexico is very affordable, and people from the US, Canada, and other countries can take advantage of their more reasonable prices. Spending a few days on a medical trip to Mexico can help patients get rid of gallstones without exhausting their hard-earned savings.


cholecystectomy-gall-bladder-removal-in-mexicoCholecystectomy or gall bladder removal is performed to get rid of gallstones. Gallstones can be asymptomatic in some cases, but it is common to find people suffering from intense pain due to their presence. Sadly, this procedure can be very expensive, and some suffer through the pain because they cannot afford the surgery.

According to the National Institutes of Health, some of the symptoms for gallstones are epigastric pain (usually in the right and/or middle area of the belly), indigestion, nausea, and vomiting. Now, patients do not have to suffer through the discomfort that gall stones cause, only because they cannot afford it in their home countries.

Why Get Gallbladder Removal Surgery in Mexico?

  • Patients considering cholecystectomy in Mexico can choose from our partner hospitals in Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, and Puerto Vallarta. These locations are popular among medical tourists because of their easy approachability and excellent healthcare facilities.
  • Mexico has a very low cost of living, so most things here are cheaper than in North America. Aside from healthcare, it does not cost much to pay for hotel accommodations, food, and other travel expenses while there.
  • There are several Mexican surgeons in our network that are sought-after by international patients. Many of them have studied or trained abroad, and have extensive experience in performing laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Mexico on medical tourists.
  • Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez are border cities, and Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful beach town where tourists can relax before or after their scheduled surgery. There are numerous pleasant distractions as one recuperates from gallbladder removal in Mexico.

Traveling to Avail  Cholecystectomy in Mexico

Our partner hospitals offer packages that include discounted hotel rates and free transportation for trips between the hotel and hospital.

  • Pick up can be arranged for patients arriving in El Paso, Texas for Ciudad Juarez surgeries. From there, it is only around a 30 minute drive to the hotel or hospital.
  • The same is true for those flying in to San Diego, California for a medical trip to Tijuana.
  • Patients who choose to get gall bladder removal surgery in Puerto Vallarta may need to fly into the PV airport, where they can also be picked up.

Border cities Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana are very popular among tourists who want shorter trips to get medical or dental care in Mexico. It is very common to find US citizens living close to the border to drive across the border to Mexico in the morning and go home to the States in the afternoon.

Puerto Vallarta, although farther down south compared to Juarez and Tijuana, is still popular among medical tourists because of its pristine beaches. Aside from the usual hotels, there are rental beachfront villas that come with complete staff – chef, housekeeper, and security guard – perfect for newly treated patients who want to calmly enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

Planning Your Gallbladder Surgery Mexico Trip

  • Enlist the help of a reputed medical tourism company that can give you numerous options for radical cholecystectomy in Mexico. Having various choices allows you to find a location, hospital, and surgeon that you will be comfortable to work with.
  • view-of-mexico-city-centerAsk for the best way to make your payments. Some hospitals choose to get travelers’ checks, and some need credit cards. You need to make sure the mode of payment is secure and convenient for you.
  • Have your medical reports, passport, IDs, and other documents ready for travel. Inquire from your local Mexican consulate about other requirements for you to cross the border.
  • Ask a family member or friend to accompany you on your trip. Having their support there can ease your anxiety, especially if you are traveling to Mexico for the first time.
  • Get some information about the weather before your trip so that you can pack accordingly. Most days, Mexico’s temperature is warm and humid, but nights can also get cold. Light wraps or cardigans may be needed.
  • Consider other types of checkups or procedures that you can get while there, so you can save more money. For instance, before your surgery you can get a dental checkup or visit an ophthalmologist for a possible return trip to get LASIK surgery in Mexico.

The key to planning a successful and fruitful medical trip to avail gallbladder removal in Mexico is getting all the information you can before scheduling the surgery. Mexico Health helps clients by providing numerous options and helping with itineraries, depending on individual needs and preferences, and on what the surgeon requires. A trip to get gallbladder removal in Mexico does not have to be stressful if you have the right information.

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