Full Arch Teeth Replacement in Mexico

Wisdom dictates that we must accept the aging process gracefully since it’s inevitable. However, it doesn’t dictate living with next to nothing in your mouth.  And if the cost of getting a dental restoration is too much in your country, wisdom dictates that you get full arch teeth replacement in Mexico. This is especially applicable to Americans and Canadians, many of whom have found a convenient dental destination in Mexico.

The affordability and quality are perhaps the reasons why 600,000 Americans will travel to destinations such as Mexico for dental tourism in 2012, as Huffington Post reports.

About Complete-arch Teeth Replacement

Advancements in dentistry have made it possible for people, who have lost all their teeth, to have a fixed restoration.full-arch-teeth-replacement-in-mexico

The procedure is carried out in 4 steps.

  1. The implant surgeon conducts a thorough examination, and based on his analysis. He shares a treatment plan.
  2. Implants are fixed surgically to act as a foundation for dental bridges. Temporary teeth are placed until the surgery site heals completely. Meanwhile, dental bridges are prepared in the laboratory.
  3. Within 3 to 6 months, the implants will firmly integrate with the jaw bone. That’s when abutments are placed on them, followed by a bridge.
  4. Your mouth is ready to chew, munch, grind, smile, just like olden times.

Whether you go for multiple implants topped by fixed bridges, or an all-on-4 implants system, in Mexico, you can expect to get it all at a fraction of the price in your country.

However, before you head-out to get your full arch implants in Mexico, you must ensure that you make the right candidate for the procedure. Since dental implants are surgically placed, they required the patient to be free of any major systemic diseases. If you have some troubled medical history, discuss with your dentist in advance, lest you go all the way to Mexico and return all disappointed.

Besides, the quality of your jaw bone is also important for the successful placement of dental implants. Your bone should not only be good in quality but also be sufficient in quantity. The teeth in your jaw are important to maintain the integrity of your jaw bone and as you shed your precious jewels, the height of the jaw-bone lowers too. Get your fixed and complete dentures in Mexico before your dental bone deteriorates completely.

Advantage Mexico – Full Arch Teeth Replacement

Regardless of which city in Mexico you choose for your dental tour—Cancun, Tijuana, or Los Algodones—you are looking at following advantages:memorial-statue-in-monterrey-mexico_0

  • The cost of full arch tooth replacement in Mexico is considerably lower than that in the USA or Canada. The average savings on cost of full fixed implant bridge in Mexico are anywhere between 50-70%.
  • Besides getting complete arch teeth replacement in Mexico, you can give yourself a chance of leaving your home turf and visiting a new place – the importance of which is emphasized by none other than His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
  • If you live near the US-Mexico border, a dental clinic with in-house lab in Algodones, or Tijuana is stone’s throw away. And for a long drawn process like full arch teeth replacement, these Mexican cities definitely hold an advantage.

By opting for full arch teeth replacement in Mexico, you can expect to get back a confident smile without having to fret much over the finances.

Mexico Health facilitates full arch teeth replacement in Los Algodones, Cancun, Tijuana, and other cities of Mexico at highly competitive prices. For more information, fill the estimate-request form on the right.