Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Mexico

cost-of-brazilian-butt-liftGoing on a medical trip for Brazilian butt lift in Mexico is popular for many reasons, perhaps the most convincing of which is the buttock enhancing cosmetic procedure’s more affordable prices. Brazilian butt lift cost in Mexico can be half of the American prices.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of butt lift surgeries in the US in 2011 saw a dramatic 38% increase over 2010. An increasing number of people are appreciating and wanting a more voluptuous figure; the only hurdle in their way to a perfect derriere is the exorbitant cost of butt augmentation surgery in the US.

What Makes Brazilian Butt Lift Prices in Mexico Attractive?

  • The lower cost of living in Mexico means top doctors and hospitals charge considerably lower than their counterparts in countries such as the US and Canada.
  • Cosmetic surgery procedures come in enticing medical tourism packages. For example, a client getting Brazilian butt lift surgery in Mexico is only quoted one price, including the surgeon and entailed hospital fees, and sometimes even stay for a day at a nearby hotel (depending on recovery time).
  • Of all the countries offering cheaper medical care, the country is the closest to the US and Canada; hence, traveling costs are minimal.
  • Other related expenses are also considerably lower: hotel accommodation, food, and tourist activities are very cheap compared to what you would normally pay in other countries.

Other Reasons to Get Low Cost Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico

a-beach-in-puerto-vallartaHere are some other reasons which make availing cheap Brazilian buttock augmentation in Mexico an attractive option.

  • The hospitals in our network are top-notch, complete with state-of-the-art facilities and exclusive medical tourism departments that serve international patients. The doctors and staff speak excellent English, so discussions and consultations are easy and not at all stressful for patients.
  • The leading plastic surgeons in Mexico are board-certified, and a large percentage of them have received their training in the US or Canada. They regularly go to both national and international conventions and conferences for further studies and training.
  • Mexico’s proximity to the US and Canada is an added advantage. Some patients from nearby border-states, such as California, Arizona and Texas, just drive to the border and are picked up there by our staff, and some opt to fly in directly to Mexico or a US airport across the border. Either way patients can be picked up and brought to the hospital or the hotel they will be staying in.
  • Usually, there is no or very little waiting time to schedule low cost Brazilian butt lift in Mexico. Patients can choose to get operated at a time convenient to them.
  • Mexico is a great place to go if you are gearing up for a real tourist experience. The culture, architecture, and traditions are all very colorful and will be a delight to any medical tourist.
  • Since the cost of Brazilian butt lift in Mexico is lower than the prices charged in the developed countries of the West, overseas patients get the opportunity to go shopping! Shops and stores also sell excellent products for a steal when compared to their high price tags in the US.

Medical Travel in Mexico – Useful Pointers

  • Research about the procedure and understand all the pros and cons of going to Mexico for plastic surgery. This will give you an idea about what to look for when scouting for doctors, hospitals, and medical tourism companies to work with for your Brazilian butt augmentation in Mexico.
  • Look for feedback, reviews and testimonials from previous patients, so that you work with only legit and most recommended people.
  • When already in contact with the surgeon, ask all your questions well before your trip.
  • Do your homework well on other travel details, such as what kind of clothing to bring along, passport/visa and other border requirements (for those crossing border from the US to Mexico), and transportation services.
  • For the personal comfort of potential medical tourists, it is recommended they get along a companion for the trip. If possible, bring a family member or a friend along for the trip, so you have someone close to you for assistance during recovery after your hospital discharge.

If this is not possible, we, at Mexico Health, can also make arrangements for our clients to stay at recovery houses where proper care is given to post-surgery patients, depending on what city you go to in order to take advantage of the low Brazilian butt lift cost in Mexico.


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