Teeth Plates in Tijuana, Mexico

Teeth plates or dental plates are removable dentures, opted for by people who have missing teeth. Like all dental prosthesis, teeth plates can be expensive. Infact, one may be able to afford dental implants in Mexico for the price of dental plates in the US or Canada.

But dental implants are not for everyone and sometimes the dentist may determine a patient to be better suited for removable dentures than giving him a fixed prosthetic solution or dental implants. The video below shows a leading dental surgeon in Tijuana, Baja California, discussing the complete and partial dental plates.


Narration – “A plate is for somebody who is dentureless, for somebody who doesn’t have any teeth in his mouth, you do a plate. It’s called a full plate or total prosthesis; this is what a full plate is.

“When you still have some teeth in your mouth it’s called a partial. And depending on the case, it’s, you pick rigid acrylic or just removable metal or a combined metal and acrylic or you do the flexible. That’s a partial; this is when you have teeth left in the mouth.”

Many people from the other side of the border come to get dental implants, root canal treatments, plates, and dental caps in Tijuana, Mexico. Not only do they get to save thousands of dollars but also get quality treatments without having to wait too long.


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