Bariatric Surgery Mexico – Patient Interview

Bariatric surgery in Mexico has been attracting patients from all over the world. This video shows Diana talking about the reasons why she chose to undergo the procedure in Mexico.


Following is the video narration:

“I found out about that because of my brother; my brother had surgery before myself. He had the plication, the gastric plication, and I had the gastric sleeve. When I met the doctor after my brother’s surgery, I felt very comfortable around him. So, I asked to have an appointment with him. So I had the appointment with him, and my brother went, you know, along, and my brother wanted to convince me of having surgery with Doctor Cabrera, but I wanted to find out by myself.

So, I think that he explained everything pretty clear. As well as Serena, my friend, we went along to different kind of seminars, another doctors, we went to another doctors in TJ, and for me I feel very secure with him. I think that he was very clear. He tells us about all the complications, what has, you know, what was needed from us, what was expected after the surgery, and it was, everything was, you know, explained. So, it was so easy for me to take the decision.”

Undergoing a weight loss procedure in the US, Canada or the UK can cost an exorbitant amount. However, should you choose to go to Mexico for gastric sleeve surgery, or gastric plication, or some other procedure, you will end up paying a minuscule amount as compared to what you would have paid in the US. MexicoHealth‘s network hospitals in Cancun, Mexicali, Puerto Vallarta and Ciudad Juarez are centers of excellence that provide world-class healthcare services, at easily affordable prices.

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