Hip Replacement Mexico

As the hip ages, sustains disease or injury, surgery could be recommended but may prove out of one’s budget. Hip replacement in Mexico could be the answer as it can significantly lower the total cost even after factoring in accommodation and travel costs. Seeking healthcare in Mexico is an option for people from the United States, Canada and other countries who want proximity and quality medical expertise.

Depending on where you are, you could look up for destinations for your traditional or minimally invasive hip replacement in Mexico keeping logistics in mind. You could look at having hip replacement in Tijuana, a Mexican border town close to San Diego, CA if you are from California, Texas or southwest Arizona. If you are from New Mexico or Texas, hip replacement surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico might be more apt for you.

United States Bone and Joint Decade 2002-2011 publishes that by 2030, more than 570,000 primary hip replacements will be performed in the US, each year. As aging populations swell and living costs increase, more Westerners are driven towards low cost hip replacement in Mexico.

Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in Mexico


  • The sum for hip arthroplasty or total hip replacement in Mexico is significantly lower compared to the surgeon’s fees plus cost of hospital stay in the United States.
  • Overall living and transport costs are significantly lower in Mexico. However, treatments are not compromised as infrastructure and hospitals are modern, providing medical tourists with value-for-money.

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement in Mexico

  • One of the least invasive options is Anterior Hip Replacement, where surgery is done from the front of hip instead of the lateral (side) or the gluteal muscles (bum).
  • Many doctors in the country are trained to international standards, and can provide quality medical attention if you elect to have minimally invasive hip replacement in Mexico.

Candidates for Hip Replacement

  • If you are researching hip replacement in Mexico, be sure to get the doctor’s consultation on suitable surgical options for your condition.
  • Should you be over 60 and suffer from musculoskeletal disease, you may be a candidate for THR procedure in Mexico.
  • You might need a hospital stay for 4-6 days following THR surgery.
  • Physical therapy and moving is encouraged as soon as able.

Your doctor may recommend you for THR surgery if you have:statue-in-mexico

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Tumors or fractures in the hip
  • Avascular necrosis (lack of blood causing bone to collapse)
  • No relief from anti-inflammatory drugs, continuous hip pain and stiffness when walking or resting

Joint replacement surgeries are one of the most effective procedures in medicine. Yet, a paper in Canada Family Physician 2007 by Turner, L (PhD) mentions that long waiting lists and delays for hip and knee replacements are a serious problem in Canada. Getting hip replacement surgery in Mexico is a convenient option for people from the US and Canada.

Advantages of Getting Hip Replacement in Mexico

  • Via Mexico Health, you can get in touch with some of the best hip replacement surgeons in Mexico who are experienced in this high-demand procedure.
  • Aside from location, your surgery may be no different from that performed at an American or Canadian hospital.
  • When recovering from hip replacement surgery in Mexico, you and any companions can enjoy the warm weather while sightseeing.
  • Many Westerners retire in Mexico to stretch their Dollar and this helps Mexican doctors be familiar with medical treatments and drugs they prefer.

With comparable medical facilities and doctors, hip replacement surgery in Mexico is a cheaper and viable option for many foreign patients.

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