Nose Surgery in Mexico

For those who have long wished for a nose to match their countenance, undergoing nose surgery in Mexico can be an option worth pondering over. Though we all crave for picture perfect facial features and do not mind undergoing the scalpel for getting the desired look, the sky rocketing cost of plastic surgeries, especially in countries such as the US and Canada can be a big hindrance for many. However, Americans and Canadians need to travel only a few hours for a reasonably priced nose job in Mexico. Price of cosmetic surgery in Mexico is not as high as in the first world countries. Despite the low cost of nose job in Mexico, quality of the treatment is comparable to that in the more affluent countries of North America and West Europe.

nose-surgeryAn increasing number of people are undergoing cosmetic surgeries to aesthetically enhance their looks. As per the Cosmetic Surgery Statistics, 2010 released by the American Society for Aesthetic plastic surgeons (ASAPS), almost 10 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in the United States alone in 2009. Cosmetic surgery procedures in the US are very expensive and not affordable by the majority. This has become one of the biggest reasons why people are treading abroad for various cosmetic surgeries.

Advantages of Undergoing Nose Surgery in Mexico

  • Nose job in Mexico is getting popular because of two very practical reasons: low cost and world class quality of treatments.
  • Medical tourism in Mexico has been experiencing an uphill trend. According to the article Medical Tourism published in Yucatan Today, thanks to the 45,000 American patients who visited Mexico for myriad medical treatments, the Mexican medical tourism industry raked in revenue of whopping $650 million in 2009. Revenues generated from medical tourism in Mexico have been increasing at an annual rate of 25% and this figure is expected to breach the $1 billion mark in future.
  • Most of the insurance providers do not include plastic surgeries within the scope of procedures covered by them. Undergoing reasonably priced rhinoplasty in Mexico can be apt for those who will have to self-finance the procedure.
  • Plastic surgery in Mexico is a good option especially for those patients who live near the United States-Mexico border areas. Prospective patients from border areas can rein in the travel and accommodation costs. They can also conveniently go back to the same Mexican plastic surgeon for checkups in future.
  • Another advantage of rhinoplasty nose job in Mexico is getting treated by surgeons who have years of experience of treating patients from all corners of the globe. Many of the reputable plastic surgeons in Mexico also have prior experience of working in the US. Get in touch with Mexico Health for more information on plastic surgeons and hospitals providing nose surgery in Mexico.
  • Mexican health tourism is well promoted by the Mexican government. Many hospitals in Mexico are JCI and ISO accredited. Renowned Mexican hospitals observe high standards of hygiene.
  • Nose surgery cost in Mexico is so low that one can easily include a rejuvenating vacation into the itinerary. Ask for free online quotes to get your rhinoplasty and vacationing plans in Mexico rolling.
  • cancunSpanish is the lingua franca of Mexico. However, English is spoken widely and understood by many. Carrying a pocket dictionary can be beneficial at times.
  • There are many low fare flights to Mexico. People from Arizona and California could also drive down to Mexico within few hours or even minutes.
  • Mexico is not just popular for cosmetic surgeries but also for many other medical procedures. For instance dental implants in Mexico are also very popular due to their pocket friendly nature and good quality.

Tips for Those Considering Rhinoplasty in Mexico

  • Make sure to research well on plastic surgeons and hospitals in Mexico.
  • Ask hospitals for patients’ feedback and nose job before and after pictures.
  • Besides rhinoplasty before and after pictures, qualifications of the plastic surgeons should also be considered by the prospective patients.
  • Do not make low cost the principal criterion for choosing a hospital for undergoing nose surgery in Mexico.

Nose surgery in Mexico not only gives one the opportunity to get the desired shape of their noses, it also gives them the opportunity to relax and rewind in the numerous tourist getaways that dot the country. Visit the Mayan city, check out the mystical structures at Teotihuacan ,enjoy a walk by the sea, go shopping, and get the best shopping bargains. Plan a great medical trip and get going!


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