Cost of Upper and Lower Fixed Dentures in Mexico

The number of teeth that every healthy adult should have is 32, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the cost-of-upper-and-lower-fixed-dentures-in-mexicoaverage number of remaining teeth in American adults over 65 is dismal 18.9!

If you’re reading this post, we’re assuming you’re looking to improve this average through artificial means and have zeroed in on low cost upper and lower fixed dentures in Mexico keeping the logistics in mind. There’s just one little problem though: you have a sketchy idea about the cost of the procedure in this Latin American country. Read on to know more …

Dentures and Their Alternatives

Before we answer the cost question, it would be worthwhile to delve into the different types of dentures and their alternatives.

  • There are two types of dentures – partial and total. Partial dentures are recommended if you have some teeth remaining whose surface area can be harnessed to support the artificial teeth.
  • Total dentures, on the other hand, are recommended if there are no teeth remaining in your mouth. In such cases, prosthesis made up of flexible material such as acrylic or nylon is placed.
  • The prosthesis is removable and as the case is with all removable prostheses, the dentures are high maintenance.
  • The alternatives to them are dental implants, if you’re willing to undergo surgery. Dental implants are a more stable and long lasting solution.
  • You can choose from all on 6, all on 8 and all on 4 implants in this healthcare destination. If you want to know more, here is an insightful video on getting all-on-4 and all-on-8 dental implants in Mexico.

Permanent Teeth Replacement – A Step by Step Guide

close-to-border-los-algodones-mexico_0This section examines the process involved. Your dental trip to this Latin American medical hub will usually be carried out in two phases, which are:

Phase 1 – Dental impressions will be taken. Your dentist will study how your jaws interact and other facets, such as gaps between them. The teeth and gum color would be duly noted in order to mimic your natural teeth as closely as possible. A wax model shall be cast to check the fitting, and adjustments, if any, shall be made.

Phase 2 – In the interim period, final denture will be cast. Thereafter it would be tried and adjustments, if any, shall be made.

How Much Do Permanent Complete Dentures Cost in Mexico?

Based on the exhaustive analysis of price of fixed artificial teeth in Mexico permanent across different forums on the web, you will save anywhere between 50-70% compared to what the dental prosthetics will cost you in United States. While getting fixed partial false teeth in the country, again, you can save 50-70%, if the cost of the same in the United States is used for comparison. To avoid adjustments for inflation, we are refraining quoting costs in exact terms. To get a clear view of the price of fixing total and partial dentures in Mexico, you can order the latest quotes from credible sources.

However, in a rush to find the lowest prices, don’t forget to read third-party reviews of affordable denture implants in Mexico. Firsthand accounts of those who had permanent false teeth fixation here could give you a sneak peek into the ground reality. We advise you to exercise caution since a lot of online forums run the risk of getting rigged. Alternatively, follow #Dentures on Twitter to gauge the popular sentiment.
If thinking about the cost of upper and lower fixed dentures in Mexico is giving you sleepless nights, you’re entertaining wrong thoughts. Take a deep breath and start packing your bags.


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