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Laparoscopic Hysterectomy in Mexico

This video shows a renowned gynecologist discussing on laparoscopic hysterectomy, Mexico.


Following is the video narration.

“Hysterectomy is the most common Gynecology surgery, consist in the removal of the uterus, we have to take out the uterus for abnormal menstrual bleeding or for cancer or for abnormal growth of the uterus. We can do it in both ways, laparoscopy or an open surgery.

The surgery consists in take out the uterus, leaving the ovaries, because the ovaries need to be inside of the women and you have to be in the hospital for two days only. It’s a surgery that takes one to two hours only. After surgery that doesn’t have a lot of complications, it’s very common. After two days in the hospital you leave the hospital and you need two weeks of recovery. ”

With the availability of JCI accredited hospitals in Mexico, it enjoys the high status in the global medical tourism industry. No wonder why medical travel patient from different parts of the globe are flocking to Mexico for plastic surgeries, dental surgeries and other medical treatments.

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