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How Cancun Dentist Deals With US Patients

The video shows a Cancun dentist talking about dental tourists from US who regularly pay him a visit. This dentist holds a degree from Louisiana State University (LSU). This dentist from Cancun has a domain expertise in dental implants and demonstrates their different types.


Narration – “We have several cases of patients that they cannot afford full treatment plan in their home towns. So, because of the difference in pricing, some of these dentists are sending their patients down to Cancun in order for us to do the surgical part.

We’re having the people from Miami, we’re having people from Chicago, from New York coming to and basically, what we do is, especially if they’re coming referred from a dentist, we know exactly what they need. So when they come, it’s even less time for example, we can have them here for five days and I say five days because I will always would do the treatment within the first few days but we always wanna have two or three days to be able to monitor the patients and see that if they’re doing okay.

So we would do the surgical part that the doctors need and then we send them of course the patient back so that they can have the restorative part. That’s some of the patients that we have. We have some other patients that they have done the surgical part at their hometowns but they cannot afford the prosthetic part. So, those come to us and we do the prosthetic. And that works…these patients could not afford the fortune…back home. That way we give them access to a great treatment plan. We do same quality back in their hometowns.”

In another video, the Cancun dentist explains treatment plan for immediate loading.


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