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English Speaking Staff at Dental Clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico

This video is about the English speaking staff available at a leading dental clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico.



Following is the video narration.

“The doctors have the basic English. Their English is just to communicate basically, when they wanted to go to something more serious or more detailed, all of these doctors have English speaking assistant, all of them.  And their English is better than my English in some other cases. Also at the reception, as soon as you call to make an appointment, you can get an answer in English. It’s going to be a one hundred percent English speaking, once you call and when you get here, it will be an English speaking receiving you, all the way…with your doctor until you get back home.

You know all the … here is one hundred percent English speaking. You know all equipment here is comparable to the one in the States, sometimes even better. There are cases when people will come and they are surprised to see, for example that camera. They really like to see what they are looking at. It’s easier for us to explain, to let them know you need twenty crowns but why you need them, that’s why we have the camera to show them exactly why do you need them. We have the screen there, the computer in there so we can show them cases from before and after.

The equipment, everything here is comparable to one in the States. The materials that we use, the tools that we use, we give them a tour. Once the patient will come, sometimes we ask them is this your first time, if they say yes we will give them a tour. We will show them even to the lab and the administration area and everything just for them to feel more ….knowing that this is something stable and it’s not going to disappear tomorrow.”

Availability of bilingual/multilingual staff at Mexico hospitals and clinics has made people, not only from Mexico but bordering US cities as well to consider the place for their treatment. Whether it’s about dental treatment, plastic surgery or any weight loss surgery like stomach sleeve surgery in Mexico, the place has is all with much affordable price and highly skilled surgeons.

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