Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery – Tijuana, Mexico

A leading cosmetic surgeon from Mexico talks about the various plastic surgery options available to a patient after he/she has had a weight-loss surgery.

Following is the video narration:

“Yeah, the most common surgery after weight loss surgery that we do is, in first place tummy tuck, then breast, and liposuction sometimes, combined. Then many many times we do breast and tummy tuck at the same time. So that’s the mommy makeover—that is so called. We do that, that is the first option in many patients. That depends on the condition of the patient, and the wish, of course, of the patient. But, I would say: first is the tummy tuck, then the breast, then arms and thighs, as well.

“Most of the time we combine—if the condition allows—breast, tummy and liposuction, in one time, at the same time.  And in another time we can do the arms, and the thighs. The best candidate is patient who has had weight loss surgery—bariatric surgery—who are already stable, in the process of losing weight, and in good condition of health.”

You can avail affordable plastic surgery in Mexico after having a weight-loss surgery. Mexico Health can help you with whatever you may be looking for—from tummy tuck, to breast reduction to thigh tuck.

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