Cosmetic Dentistry in Cancun – Mexico

Your smile is usually one of the first things people notice about your face. Opting for cosmetic dentistry in Cancun can help fix any smile imperfections without burning a hole in your pocket.cosmetic-dentistry Because of the escalating dental care costs in the US, more and more Americans are discovering the advantages of heading south for a smile makeover in Cancun – Mexico.

Besides its low cost dentistry, Cancun has long been acclaimed as a tourist destination for those seeking beautiful beaches and an exciting nightlife. Cancun welcomed 5.9 million international visitors in 2010, according to a USA Today article by Kitty Bean Yancey published on April 14, 2011. It is not difficult to see how the fun tourist activities and the low cost of cosmetic dentistry in Cancun, Mexico draw in so many dental tourists from all over the world.

Dental Tourism in Cancun – Mexico

  • A wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments are available in Cancun, including dental veneers, implants, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, orthodontic treatments, and more.
  • The many advantages to dental tourism in Mexico are hard to ignore. Besides getting low cost dental work in Cancun, overseas patients can make a getaway to its sunny beaches and completely relax.
  • Worldwide, medical tourism is projected to make $100 billion in 2012, as per the article “Medical tourism skyrockets; Three million patients go abroad for medical treatment every year,” published on the New York Daily News website on May 21st, 2012. And a large slice of the pie can be attributed to Mexican medical tourism hubs including Cancun.

Cost of Cosmetic Dental Work in Cancun – Mexico

  • A Mexico dentist can charge 30%-50% less than what a dental treatment would cost in the United States. This is because the cost of living in Mexico is lower and also because of the rising competition between Mexico dentists.
  • The low smile enhancement price in Mexico is especially beneficial for those who need multiple treatments for optimal smile improvement. Whereas undergoing multiple dental treatments in the United States could be costly, getting similar procedures in Cancun allows you to save considerably.
  • In addition to saving on low cost smile improvement in Mexico, you can also purchase inexpensive prescription medicine if you need it after your treatment.
  • Food, transportation, and lodging in Mexico are less expensive than in the United States.
  • The close proximity of Mexico to the United States can help you save on travel costs.
  • It is recommended that you plan out your budget before you make your trip. For example, if you are traveling with your family or a travel companion, it is important to take into account their additional expenses.

Advantages of Getting Cosmetic Dentistry in Cancun

  • As mentioned previously, teeth bridges, crowns, and dental veneers in Cancun, Mexico can be installed at a much lower cost than what patients would pay for them in the United States.cancun_5
  • Aesthetic dentistry in Cancun is performed by dentists who have undergone strict dental training. Some Cancun dentists have even studied abroad in the United States. So you can look forward to quality dental work.
  • Dental crowns and bridges in Cancun, Mexico are installed using the latest dental technology. The leading Cancun dental clinics are equipped with cutting-edge dental equipment to better serve patients’ needs.
  • For patients who are worried about traveling abroad, Cancun is only a few hours away from most United States cities. Besides cutting down on travel expenses, the short distance is more convenient for Americans flying abroad with their families.
  • The staff in majority of the reputable Cancun clinics can converse in English. Multilingual translators are also available for international patients.
  • There is virtually no waiting time for patients to receive dental treatments in Mexico, unlike in Canada and the United States.
  • Recovering from dental treatments in the sunny, relaxing atmosphere of the Cancun beaches can promote speedier recuperation.

Low cost cosmetic dentistry in Cancun, Mexico could be of help to people who are looking to improve their smiles. The high quality levels of dental care combined with warm, sunny climate make obtaining smile makeovers in Cancun, Mexico an attractive option for Americans.

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