Success Rate for Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

The video shows a famous stem cell therapist disclosing the success rate of stem cell therapy at his Mexico clinic. The specialist contends more than 80% of his patients respond well to the initial therapy. This is no small feat as stem cell therapy is still in the pilot testing stage, so to speak. According to Professor William J Remme, president of the World Heart Failure Society the stem cell therapy is still 4-5 years away from conclusive research. In light of this observation, it could be safely said that the stem cell therapist from Mexico is one of the vanguards for stem cell therapy.

Narration – “I don’t have a number but the initial response for most of my patients, I would say, is more than 80%. The initial response…and we have to keep records of them, keep talking to them. Some come back because they felt better. And they come, they call it second treatment, some call it a booster.

But the reason why they come to me is because they were doing better. And the doctors that work with me they always tell me that patients are coming back. That means you’re doing some good job.”

This stem cell surgeon has cured over 40 patients for conditions where general medicine failed to make a difference such as, multiple sclerosis, brain damage and heart disease. The surgeon is conveniently located in border city of Tijuana. He advises to foreign patients to send reports before stem cell treatment in Mexico. This prolonged communication—2 months of exchanging emails— is inviolate step that goes on a long way in determining the success of stem cells treatment. To view it differently, better informed your therapist is better his judgement should be.

Tijuana itself is a curious mix of definitive Mexican essence. It’s not unusual to find a great number of Americans and ‘Snowbirds’ in this bustling city looking for bargain shopping.

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