U.S. Patients of Stem Cell Therapist in Mexico

The video shows a stem cell therapist from Mexico discussing his American clientele and how he goes that extra mile in making them feel at home. In another video, the doctor underscores the importance of carrying reports for stem cell therapy in Mexico.

Narration – “I do have 23 years of experience in working with Americans, you know, it’s one of things I want you to understand, I know the way they think, I know the way they act, I know their…and customs, that’s why it’s easy for me to communicate with them because I have a lot of experience and I know how delicate it is to work with an American patient.

They come to me, they know that I know how they behave, their history and all those things…and I went to live the houses, they’re very special, I know all the Wisconsin area, I know the different places…they’re my patients, not for stem cells but they have many different chronic degenerative diseases.”

If you want to understand which amongst adult stem cells and autologous transplant in Mexico is better for you, you should know the difference between the two and what they entail.

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