Facts about Stem Cells by Mexico Stem Cell Therapist

The video shows a stem cell therapist from Mexico explaining in layman terms the facts about stem cells. The stem cell doctor has been on the forefront of stem cell research and has delivered more than 40 patients from their perennial sufferings.  The U.S. patients of this stem cell therapist in Mexico vouch for him as more than 80% his patients respond well to his initial therapy.

Narration – “A stem cell, it is a cell that you have in your own body that has different properties that they will go into your…they’re always there, they’re always repairing tissues. The stem cells can keep repairing on their own all the time but for some reasons stem cells stop repairing when you’re getting old.

Then you have to have treatment with stem cells in order to get help. A stem cell has different properties. On is to keep homeostasis, to keep self renewed and to replenish organs. Those are basically called stem cells. So stem cells are white cells. Stem cells are called…or mesenchymal cells. Those are the cells that help in repairing the body.

You can get stem cells from umbilical cord. You can have stem cells from embryonic, you can even…”

In a related video the stem cell doctor discusses autologous and adult stem cell transplants in Mexico.


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