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Facts about Stem Cells by Mexico Stem Cell Therapist

The video shows a stem cell therapist from Mexico explaining in layman terms the facts about stem cells. The stem cell doctor has been on the forefront of stem cell research and has delivered more than 40 patients from their perennial sufferings.  The U.S. patients of this stem cell therapist in Mexico vouch for him […]

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Adult Stem Cells and Autologous Transplant in Mexico

The video shows a leading stem cells therapy expert explaining the difference between adult and autologous stem cell transplant. He also discusses his reasons for preferring autologous over adult stem cells transplant. In another video, this stem cell specialist from Mexico shares his expertise. Narration – “It is the amount of cells…if you go on […]

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Stem Cell Specialist in Mexico Shares his Expertise

The video shows a leading stem cell specialist from Mexico sharing the details of procedures he specializes in. in another video the doctor discusses the reports one should carry for stem cell therapy in Mexico. Narration – “What I do is…transplant. What I do is bone marrow…stem cells that can help to repair any disease […]

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Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico – Reports You Should Carry

The video shows a leading stem cell specialist in Mexico discussing the various reports that you will need before you embark on your journey to Mexico for stem cell therapy. The doctor has a proven track record of curing over 40 patients suffering from otherwise irredeemable conditions such as multiple sclerosis, brain damage and heart […]

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