Spine Surgery in Tijuana

According to the Low Back Pain Fact Sheet (July 2003) released by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, lower spine-surgery-in-tijuana-mexicoback pain is the second most common neurological ailment in the U.S., costing Americans at least $50 billion every year. With the availability of affordable spine surgery in Tijuana – Mexico, Americans and the rest of the world suffering from severe back pain can be surgically treated at just about half the price.

Medical tourism in Mexico is showing a healthy progress thanks to the Mexican healthcare industry’s efforts to offer word-class treatments at significantly reduced prices.

Background on Spine Surgery

Before you decide to take advantage of affordable spinal surgery in Tijuana, you are advised to exhaust all means of conservative treatment for back pain first before considering surgery. Here is an overview of some of the different types of spine surgery:

  • Discectomy – This procedure involves the removal of a fragment of the herniated disc to relieve the pressure on the spinal nerves.
  • Foramenotomy – It is a procedure to remove a portion of bone and other tissue to give more room for the compressed nerve as it exits the spinal column.
  • Laminectomy – It is a common surgical procedure to treat spinal stenosis. Ask your surgeon if a spinal fusion is necessary prior to undergoing lumbar laminectomy in Tijuana.
  • Spinal fusion – This is the surgery performed to remove motion between adjacent vertebrae.
  • Spinal disc replacement – It is a surgical option to treat specific types of back pain, while avoiding the complications associated with spinal fusion.
  • Dynamic stabilization – It is another alternative to spinal fusion that uses screws and rods that allow for limited motion between each spinal segment.

Patients hesitant with the traditional open surgery can opt for minimally invasive spine surgery in Tijuana. But how much does laser spine surgery cost in Mexico?

Though the use of laser technology in medicine is very expensive, the cost of laser spine surgery in Tijuana,  is 50% to 70% less than what is being charged in developed countries like the US and Canada. Mexico is not new to laser surgery. Patients get LASIK surgery in Mexico to treat various eye diseases. Laser is also a common tool in cosmetic surgery in Mexico, used in procedures like liposuction and facelift.

Benefits of Getting Spinal Treatment in TJ

There are many other benefits besides the low spine surgery cost in Tijuana that overseas patients will very much appreciate:

    • Whether you’re going for spinal fusion or lumbar spine surgery in Tijuana, you can rest assured you will be experiencing first-class medical care at any of the city’s leading JCI-accredited hospitals.
    • Spinal surgery is a very risky procedure, which is why every patient should find a highly-competent spine specialist in Tijuana.  This is not such a difficult feat as many renowned doctors and surgeons in the country acquired their degrees and training from reputable medical schools and hospitals in the US and Europe.


  •  Many of the spine specialists in Mexico are fluent in English.
  • The proximity of this Mexican border city makes travel cheaper and more convenient for patients coming from Canada and the US. The city is only about 20 minutes from the San Diego airport.
  • A holiday tour around the country’s popular attractions can also be planned by medical tourists seeking spinal back surgery in Tijuana. Since spine problem treatment is a sensitive procedure, it would be better if the travel is scheduled before the surgery.

Tips for Medical Tourists in Tijuana 

  • American citizens can get into the city without a visa if staying for less than 72 hours. However, they need to present a valid proof of identification to enter and exit Mexico. Patients coming from other countries should consult the Mexican embassy for the required documents.
  • You may ask the hospital if it offers travel and accommodation packages as well.
  • When touring the streets of Tijuana, avoid unwanted attention from pickpockets by not wearing expensive clothing and accessories.

The foremost responsibilities of a patient to ensure a successful spine surgery in Tijuana  is to look for a highly-competent surgeon and a reputable hospital by conducting thorough research, asking for a referral from a satisfied relative or friend who had been treated there, or browsing credible patient testimonials online.
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