Arthroscopy Surgery for Rotator Cuff Tear and Shoulder Instability, Mexico Orthopedic Surgeon

This video shows a leading orthopedic surgeon from Mexico talking about arthroscopic surgery for shoulder problems – rotator cuff tear and shoulder instability.



Following is the video narration.

“For the shoulder problems, one of the disease can also be addressed with arthroscopy. We have a, two types of patients that we see for arthroscopic procedures on the shoulder. One of them is the instability, the patient, the one that has a recurrent dislocation of their shoulder and needs to be treated with surgical procedures that can be done with arthroscopic surgery. The other one which is the most common that we see here in our practice is the person with the degenerative procedure that affects their rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is the, it’s a series of tendons that give motion to the elbow.

At some point that can have an inflammation impingement and a tear and may need a surgical procedure to suture the tendon or to relieve it from any …. that may be giving the problem. This can also be addressed with a surgical procedure with arthroscopy and that will help us with very quick recovery, basically no pain, practically and small incisions.

The patients that are treated with arthroscopic procedures for this type of disease generally start moving their elbow, their shoulder immediately after surgery as well. Only in such cases in which we need to do large … or suture then we leave the patient immobilised for a certain period of time and then start with the mobilisation process. But that’s one of the main issue that we do address with arthroscopic procedures, the rotator cuff repair or decompression.”

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