Teeth Veneers in Cancun, Mexico

In this video interview, a renowned cosmetic dental surgeon from Cancun, Mexico talks about teeth veneers. Teeth veneers in Cancun – Mexico come with the advantage of costing only a fraction of the American prices.

A dental veneer is a thin flap made of porcelain or composite, placed over the teeth’s surface,  hiding stained or broken teeth, and hence enhances the smile. Whether it is a dental veneer or dental implants in Mexico, materials used are of top-notch quality. Dental work  in Cancun is of standards comparable to that in the developed countries of the West.

Following is the video narration.

“Veneers is a treatment plan that started in the mid-70s, early 80s and when they started of course they didn’t have the materials that we have nowadays. Veneers like I said earlier, we always use this terms for the patients to understand this — it’s like a fake nail that you place on the top of your own. So when you have teeth that are broken down, when you have teeth that have the colorations for example patients that have had..stains, things like that.

When you have some type of misalignment that you don’t want to go to orthodontics to take care of, that’s where we come in, we can look into a veneer driven plan. Veneers, we can change the size of the tooth, the position of the tooth to a certain point, the shade of the tooth for sure, the alignment of the teeth and we have, like I said earlier these types of materials that lead to….what we do most of our veneers nowadays because this material is so like enamel, so the type of preparation that you do for these veneers is minimal.

We are talking 0.2, somewhere its 0.3 millimetres, it’s very very thin and even with that very very thin material we can change the shape very nicely. So we can give and enhance the patient’s smile, let’s say if you qualify on a smile say 60 percent , we can give them 100 percent with this type of restoration.”

Dental tourists can totally forget their dental anxiety as most of our network dental surgeons in Mexico have specialized in pain free dentistry, orthodontics and much more. Besides, the touristy allure of the resort city adds to the charm of getting teeth veneers in Cancun – Mexico. Dental tourists can simply lounge on the beach as they recover from their dental treatment.

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