Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

Cosmetic surgery in Mexico is highly sought after by A-Listers in Hollywood and people from Canada and the USA. Cosmetic surgery prices in Mexico are not as exorbitant as the prices quoted in other parts of North America. Moreover, cosmetic surgeons in Mexico don’t leave patients with a long waiting period and offer complete discretion, perhaps one of the main reasons why people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery overseas. Plastic surgery in Mexico is a viable option for people from the US and Canada because the country is only a short flight away.

An Overview of Cosmetic Surgery

  • woman-with-a-measuring-tape-on-headCosmetic surgery, also termed as plastic surgery, purports to offer patients a younger and more attractive looking body.
  • If the surgery aims to restore function to a deformed or damaged body part, the surgery is termed as reconstructive surgery.
  • Patients can choose to undergo numerous cosmetic surgeries, given the current technological advancements in medicine.
  • Breast augmentation or reduction, tummy tuck, facelift, rhinoplasty, and butt lift are a few types of cosmetic surgery procedures that patients can opt for.
  • Some cosmetic procedures can be performed as outpatient surgeries. The recovery time for such surgeries is shorter.

Advantages of Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 5.4 million people in the US received Botox injections in 2010 alone – a number that has increased by 12 percent from the previous year’s reading. There is undoubtedly a high demand for cosmetic surgeries in the US but the high price tag that comes with medical care in developed nations is what provokes people to look for cheaper alternatives in countries like Mexico and Costa Rica.

  • Apart from the cost being cheaper, patients have access to globally recognized hospitals and healthcare centers in Mexico, some of which offer patient concierge services too.
  • Cosmetic surgery centers in Mexico feature state of the art medical equipment.
  • Aside from this, patients receive the opportunity to choose from board certified cosmetologists who have performed similar procedures on thousands of patients in the past.
  • Plastic surgeons in Mexico are knowledgeable about the latest trends in cosmetic surgery. They often complete advanced doctorate courses in the US and UK before practicing in their own home country.
  • Patients can also undergo minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries in Mexico. These surgeries carry little risk and offer shorter recovery time.

Cosmetic Surgery Costs in Mexico

Mexico cosmetic surgery prices are affordable when compared to the prices charged in the US, UK or Canada. Patients can review cosmetic surgery prices on websites of various hospitals and also contact Mexico health for more information. Patients can also request quotes for planning their medical itinerary in Mexico.

Cosmetic Surgery in Tijuana

Cosmetic surgery in Tijuana has become a popular business venture, given the increase in medical tourists from neighboring US. Patients can undergo surgeries like breast augmentation, tummy tuck and brow lift at the JCI accredited hospitals in this city, which is only 17 miles from San Diego, CA. Because of Tijuana’s proximity to the US-Mexico border, patients can save on their travel expenses.

People undergoing plastic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico also get the chance to indulge in authentic Mexican food and revel in the sunshine.

Medical Tourism in Mexico

dscn1802-1Patients come in large numbers to avail of affordable health care in Mexico. Unlike the US, the country’s healthcare system is not bowed down. So, patients get the medical attention they deserve. The low cost of breast implants and breast augmentation surgery in Mexico is another factor that spurs people from overseas.

According to the ASPS, breast augmentation was the most sought after cosmetic surgery procedure in 2010, with over 290,000 women choosing to undergo this surgery. The increase in demand for surgeries that enhance the external appeal has invariably fuelled the growth of medical tourism in Mexico.

Cosmetic surgery photos that promote cosmetic surgery in Mexico appear very promising. Patients should however have realistic expectations about the success of the surgery. They should also carefully weigh the pros and cons of the surgery before they choose to go under the knife.


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