Hip Replacement Tijuana – Mexico

There are roughly 327,000 cases of total hip replacement procedures performed in the United States every year – that’s what Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states. But what if you can’t afford the surgery in the United States? You can opt to get it done overseas. Hip replacement in Tijuana, Mexico, for example, is a more affordable option. In fact, other places in the country offer the procedure too. If you won’t want to go to Tijuana, there’s hip replacement in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, as well.

Hip Replacement Tijuana, Mexico – Advantages

  • hip-replacement-in-tijuanaThere’s no reason why you should bear with the pain caused by arthritis or joint damage as you grow older. You may not be able to afford it in developed nations and your insurance may not cover it, but the low cost of hip replacement in Tijuana, Mexico may be just within your budget.
  • Many of the orthopedic surgeons in Mexico were trained in First World nations such as the United States, so they could deliver the same quality you’d get back home.
  • Mexico is right next to the United States – you don’t have to travel by air if you live near the border. You can actually cross by land using your own car!
  • As Mexico is very close to the United States, there are many English-speaking medical professionals in the country. It’s still a Spanish-speaking country, so you may encounter some language barrier while you’re there out of your hospital, but not being able to understand Spanish won’t affect your procedure.
  • Aside from hip replacement surgery in Tijuana, Mexico and other places, the country’s medical tourism industry offers a host of other procedures.
  • If you have anything else you want to undergo, ask your doctor if you can have it done at the same time. For instance, you can also get knee surgery in Mexico during your stay! You can also opt for plastic surgery in Mexico if anonymity and privacy are what you desire and which you can get only when you are away from your home town.
  • Tijuana, merely 17 miles from San Diego in California, is one of the biggest cities in Mexico. It’s a city not unlike some of the largest cities in the United States, so you won’t feel out of place.
  • There’s also a good selection of hospitals and hip replacement doctors in Tijuana, Mexico that you can choose from.
  • A number of state-of-the-art hospitals in Tijuana provide medical services to their patients minus any waiting times.

Hip Replacement Surgery Tijuana, Mexico – Things to Keep in Mind

  • hip-replacement-in-tijuana-1First and foremost, you need to ask your doctor if you could handle traveling for a partial or total hip replacement surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, especially if you live quite far from the city.
  • If the pain is severe, ask your doctor how you can alleviate it in order to endure the travel.
  • You need to research and ask experts or those who’ve already undergone the procedure about everything you think you need to know. First-hand and expert opinions could help a lot.
  • Once you’ve decided you really want to go to Mexico, consult the country’s embassy about the paperwork you’ll need. Don’t forget to ask what documents you would have to bring with you if you’re driving there by car!
  • Aside from the cost of total hip replacement in Tijuana, Mexico, factor in other expenses that you’ll bear there during your stay.
  • You will have to stay in Mexico after the procedure to heal and recover, so fix your schedule accordingly.
  • A paper called “Rates and outcomes of primary and revision total hip replacement” by Mahomed, Barrett, et al published in the January 2003 edition of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, American Volume details the most common complications caused by the procedure. The rates of complications are: 3.1% for hip dislocation, 0.9% for pulmonary embolus, 4.6% for hospital readmission, 0.2% for wound infection, and 1.0% for mortality. Make sure you have a doctor you trust and can go to back home in case anything happens.

You’ll feel a lot more free and younger once you get your hip replacement in Tijuana, Mexico. Sure you have to make a few sacrifices to go there, but then the cost saving and other benefits that you’ll reap by getting your surgery away from home will far circumvent the discomforts that you might have to face when in a foreign land.


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