Post-surgery Facilities at Orthopedic Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

This video is about a leading surgeon  informing about the various post-surgery facilities available to the former patients at his clinic for orthopedic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

He is one of the top names in the field of orthopedics in Mexico, with an illustrious career spanning over three decades.

Following is the video narration:

“We have a website, and e-mails that are available for former patients. He take up any question to our, about the rehabilitation, or any question about some problem that he was no contemplated, or of this problem appears in the post-op, they have the possibility to contact me by e-mail, by phone; it’s very easy. We have a phone number from San Diego. Then they can talk to us without any toll.

“We are prepared to treat all kind of problems related with orthopaedic diseases. When we have complicated patients that needs maybe more hospitalization, or be treated by a medical team, we use it to treat that patient in a different hospital, in a big hospital, in order to give all the facilities to the patient to be treated very well in a team, a medical team or a surgical team—all depends on the problem.

“We have good relations with some institution in the San Diego area, and also in Guadalajara, Mexico City. When it is necessary, some of my colleagues from Mexico City or Guadalajara can come to my clinic in order to help me perform complicated surgeries.”

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