Anti-reflux Surgery – Cancun Weight loss Surgeon

Mexico is fast becoming the leading medical tourism destination of the world. Affordable surgery options in Mexico, along with high-quality services provided by highly skilled medical professionals are responsible for this trend. A wide range of healthcare options are available at out network clinics and hospitals in Mexico. This video deals with anti-reflux surgery, and shows a well-known bariatric surgeon from Cancun, Mexico, explaining the procedure.


Following is the video narration:

“Patient has a bad growth of reflux, what we do it’s bariatric surgery, different to a general surgery. It’s, we close the crura — what’s the crura? It’s the hiatus, the muscles that covers the entrance of the esophagus to the abdominal cavity. Usually when there is a hernia, and there is reflux, it’s open. So, what we do is we close it, okay? Different to a general surgery, traditional general surgery where you flip the stomach from behind, and you stitch it, okay, to prevent the reflux.”

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