Mexican Gynecologist on Myomectomy Surgery

This video shows a Ciudad Juarez Gynecologist discussing myomectomy surgery.



Following is the video narration.

“Myomectomy is a surgery to take out myomas or fibromas. Fibromas are abnormal growths inside the uterus like this one and causes pain, infertility and abnormal bleeding to the woman. So we have to take out only if the patients wants to have more children in the future. If she doesn’t want to have more children the option is to make a complete hysterectomy but if the woman wants to have children in the future, we make a myomectomy. We can make it as an open surgery or even with laparoscopy.”

The gynecological procedures mainly performed by this surgeon in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – hysterectomy, myomectomy, chronic pelvic pain surgery,  tubal ligation reversal surgery and ovarian cyst surgery.

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