How Stuff Works – Cancun Dentist Explains Dental Implants

The video shows a leading dentist is Cancun explaining dental implants in layman terms. The domain expertise is the hallmark of Cancun cosmetic dentistry. In another educational video, a Cancun child dentist advises on kids’ oral health.



Narration – “An implant, if you go through glossary of prosthetics, is basically a root type of titanium screw, you would say. And this would do part of the root of the tooth, if you’re describing to restore just one missing tooth. For example, you place the implant and on top of that implant you screw down the crown that will become a tooth and you cannot tell the difference between an implant and tooth, it’s amazing technology.

We can do, like I said, a single tooth, we can do a full mouth with implants and that, like we were stuck in a moment ago, you can take a patient from wearing a denture, removable denture, full denture to something that is screwed to the implants that are really doing the function of the roots of the teeth and have a fixed dentition here”

In another video the same dentist from Cancun demonstrates dental implants. To further satiate your learning quest, here’s another video in which a Cancun dentist explains all on four vs. all on eight dental implants.


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