Dental Veneers Specialist in Tijuana Explains Dental Veneers

The video shows a dental veneers specialist from Tijuana going into finest details of what dental veneers entail. Dental service in Mexico is witnessing high octane growth as more Americans dare to bypass expensive dental care north side of the border. Dental tourism in Mexico, it seems, is not just inexpensive but also a chance to explore this mythical country.


Narration – “Veneers is for the people that have decoloration or they have minor problems, if the tooth…are a little bit, say, not straight or it has a little cavity or that’s my opinion, that’s when I like to do veneers.

Only for minor reasons because we get veneers for aesthetics…if the tooth have too many problems that it’s really, it’s not that straight, it’s really in a very bad position or the tooth has many cavities, I’d rather tell the patient, you know, “let’s do crowns, it will be more or less same cost,” But I will be more happier. I’ll know that it will be the best work and the patient will be very happy because with face veneers, if you have wrong bite, you can break the veneer, not with the crown.”

Make sure you get your comprehensive dental treatment plan before you head to Mexico. A dental treatment plan would help you organize and regulate your dental trip better.

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