Know These Facts Before Getting Lumineers In Mexico

The video shows a Cancun dentist discussing the nuts and bolts of Lumineers. In Mexico, especially Cancun, a lot of dental tourists arrive at its shore with sketchy information on Lumineers. This Cancun dentist advises to have foreknowledge about Lumineers before flying all the way to Cancun to get them. Working closely with the patients, let’s say from America, is the only way of dealing with American patients in this Cancun dentist’s opinion.  In this video this Cancun prosthodontist tries to answer the question many dental tourists ask – “Are Lumineers worth it?”

Narration – ‘Lumineers are basically…Lumineers as you said a trademark and the concept is throughout the same, they tend to not prep the teeth, sometimes they give us over bulkiness of the teeth. So I don’t like to stick to a trademark like that. I rather see each patient in an individual way and prescribe what I think is better for them.

So you would say Lumineers patients might have a misconception that you don’t have to touch the teeth and you can just place it like that and you will look good and sometimes it doesn’t. For aesthetic cases, even for all the patients – our dental tourism patients and our local patients, we do a wax-up of the patient meaning we take cast, we set down, we take lots of pictures of the patients, we study these pictures, a complete protocol of analysis of aesthetic analysis for our patients. And before we touch the patients, we show them this, sometimes even do what we call a mock-up, we put in their mouths, we expect from our final results, so that the patient can understand the way we’re going.

Communication for aesthetic cases is so important because aesthetics, it’s in the mind of each person. We might think something is beautiful and patient might be thinking some other thing, so we always communicate a lot with our patients, for some of the patients from dental tourism that send us their pictures –“we expect this,” we will still do the aesthetic analysis and that…up before we do anything on our patients to make sure that we are in the same track that the patient is expecting for the final results.’

In another video, this Cancun dentist shows how stuff works in dental implants’ case.

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