Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexico

tubal-ligation-reversal_0Women who have had tubal ligation and now want to conceive need not worry, for they can obtain a low cost tubal ligation reversal in Mexico.

If you have previously had a tubal ligation but are now regretting your decision, you are not alone. According to an article by Lillian Downey published on LiveStrong.com on August 11, 2011, approximately 25% of women who undergo tubal ligations regret their decision later in life.

You may want to consider low cost IVF in Mexico if your tubal ligation reversal cannot be done.

Medical tourism in Mexico is rapidly expanding thanks to its close distance to the United States, its talented doctors, and its affordable prices. Whether you wish to obtain a gynecological procedure or plastic surgery in Mexico, the country’s well-equipped facilities with homelike patient rooms are sure to make you feel comfortable and help you have a hassle-free medical trip.

Tubal Reversal Explained

  • Tubal ligation is a fertility restorative procedure in women who’ve previously had their fallopian tubes cut or blocked to prevent pregnancy.
  • This procedure involves reattaching the blocked parts of the fallopian tubes to whatever remains of them after tubal ligation. This allows for the movement of the egg and the sperm to join.
  • Depending on the original tubal ligation method, tubal ligation reversal success rates range from 20-70%, as per the University of Michigan website.
  • Possible risks include infection, allergies to anesthesia, and depression if the surgery is not successful.
  • Ideal candidates are of childbearing age within a normal weight range for their height, and do not have extensive damage from tubal ligation surgery.
  • During tubal ligation reversal, your surgeon will make an incision in the abdominal area to access your fallopian tubes. Once any blocked pieces of the fallopian tubes are removed, the tubes will be reattached if they were cut.
  • It is advised to avoid vigorous activities for two weeks after surgery.

Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexico – Pros

  • We are engaged with leading hospitals which are equipped with up-to-date medical technology to see to it that patients receive the highest quality of care possible. For tubal reversal, our network doctors use advanced equipment to aid them during surgery. One can also opt for minimally invasive laparoscopic tubal reversal in the country.
  • Another key advantage is the low prices of tubal ligation reversal in Mexico. Since the Latin American country receives many patients from the United States, the reputable doctors of the country are familiar with medical standards and techniques that are practiced in their more affluent neighboring country.
  • There is usually no waiting time for tubal ligation reversal in Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana and other major Mexican cities, so you can undergo surgery at a date that is most convenient for you.
  • Moreover, if you happen to be from US-Mexico border areas, you can save on travel time and costs by getting treated at a medical facility in Tijuana or Juarez. You can get in touch with us to facilitate your surgery for fallopian tube reversal south of the US border as we are connected with a number of state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics in the major cities of the country.
  • After your surgery, you can recover in the sunny, beautiful country. Since you will not be able to do vigorous activities shortly after your tubal reversal, you can take the time to relax on one of Mexico’s beaches or receive a massage.
  • As a result of the strong medical tourism industry, many gynecologists in Mexico are accustomed to the distinct needs of medical tourists. Doctors in the hospitals and clinics we work with speak both Spanish and English in order to communicate with their patients more easily.

Cons of Choosing Mexico for Surgery

  • Although health standards are high in the reputed medical facilities, there may be some facilities which skimp on medical standards to pull in a high profit.statue-puerto-vallarta-in-maxico
  • Cheap tubal reversal surgery in Mexico is common, but you should still look out for procedural prices that seem too good to be true.
  • It is recommended that you ask for pictures or even a video tour of a hospital so you can assess the quality of their equipment, their sanitation standards, and their patient rooms.
  • Obtaining a fallopian tube reversal across the border may be difficult for those from the northern United States who dislike plane travel.
  • You will most likely not be able to see your tubal ligation surgeon in Mexico should any complications arise later. You will have to make prior arrangements for any follow-up care.

Cost of Tubal Reversal

  • Affordable tubal reversal is very much possible because the cost of living in the Latin American country is lower than in the developed countries of the world. Medical loans are also available for patients on a limited budget.
  • In addition to low cost of tubal reversal, medical tourists further save on costs of traveling to the country because of its proximity to the United States.
  • Food and transportation costs are generally lower than in the US, so patients can enjoy the perks of a vacation with authentic Mexican cuisine as they recover from surgery.

Undergoing a tubal ligation reversal in Mexico is one of the most affordable options to restore a woman’s ability to conceive. By having tubal reversal here, one will be able to save substantially on costs while receiving the same quality of healthcare as provided in the United States.


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