IVF in Mexico

In vitro fertilization costs in Mexico are cheaper and hence, intending parents can now consider IVF in Mexico to complete their lives with the satisfaction of an absolute family. In vitro fertilization is a process by which ova (egg cells) are fertilized by sperms outside the body in a test tube; thus, the term test tube baby.

ivfMedical tourism in Mexico has gained much popularity in recent times due to easy-on-the-pocket discounted surgeries in Mexico. IVF cost in Mexico is more reasonable than the price of the treatment in the US and other industrialized nations in the world. Low cost IVF makes Mexico a practical destination for couples who cannot have a child the natural way and lack the financial means for undergoing assisted reproductive techniques.

According to statistics by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions published in their report, “Medical Tourism: Update and Implications” (2009), nearly 750,000 Americans traveled to medical tourism destinations for treatments in 2007. Further, this report states that the number of outbound medical tourists is expected to touch 1.6 million by 2012. Many Americans have been traveling to Mexico for myriad medical treatments because of the geographical proximity.

Steps Involved in IVF

The steps involved in vitro fertilization are:

  • Egg retrieval.
  • Ovarian Hyper stimulation.
  • Egg and sperm preparation.
  • Embryo culture.
  • Fertilization.

Why IVF in Mexico

  • IVF costs in Mexico are quite low when compared to that in the first world countries. Besides IVF, a number of procedures such as weight loss surgery, hysterectomy surgery, and cosmetic surgery in Mexico are finding a lot of takers because of their affordability.
  • Low cost IVF in Mexico is of particular advantage to those who are uninsured.
  • Cost of living in Mexico is not exorbitant and thus expenses related to IVF, travel, and accommodation become cheaper.
  • IVF centers in Mexico have skilled and experienced specialists. They are highly qualified and some of the IVF specialists in Mexico also have years of experience of medical practice in the US to boast of.
  • Mexican hospitals believe in quality control despite the costs being not very high. They provide patients with world class services and the doctors are extremely professional.
  • Reputable in vitro clinics in Mexico are hygienic and fertility doctors in Mexico observe strict hygiene and quality standards.
  • sunset-puerto-vallartaPrivacy is the main concern for couples seeking IVF and this privacy is strictly maintained by the in vitro fertilization clinics in Mexico.
  • Mexico is home to numerous well-equipped hospitals which are replete with state-of-the-art instrumentation. A number of them are also accredited by the JCI and the ISO and other national and international accreditation bodies. Get in touch with Mexico Health for details on good hospitals in Mexico.
  • Medical loans are also available for undergoing treatments in Mexico.
  • One can request for free quotes on the various surgeries in Mexico and plan the medical trip accordingly.
  • Couples do not have to worry about facing language barriers. Mexican doctors are well versed in English and majority of the reputable hospitals in Mexico arrange for language interpreter, if required.

Travel Tips for IVF Patients in Mexico

  • Spanish is the official language in Mexico. English is widely spoken and understood.
  • Women greet by patting on the right shoulder or forearm while men hug, backslap or shake hands with each other.
  • Currency of Mexico is Peso. It is advisable to get money exchanged at the airport.
  • Mexican food is popular; so, food won’t be a problem. The country is home to a number of continental joints too.

A couple dreaming of a complete family can now get cheap IVF in Mexico that can lead their lives towards happiness and smiles.

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