Cataract Surgery in Mexico

Cataracts are a condition which causes cloudy vision and can lead to eventual blindness. Frequently associated with age, it affects the cataract-surgery-in-mexicoquality of life of many seniors. Although laser surgery is generally the most effective treatment, it can be prohibitively expensive. For this reason, many Americans on a fixed budget are pursuing cataract surgery in Mexico.

Many options exist for patients seeking an eye surgery center in Mexico, from the border towns of Tijuana and Mexicali, to more tropical destinations such as Cancun. Matthew Dalstrom of the Huffington Post writes in his article published on August 22, 2012 that along with other common procedures, cataract surgery abroad is becoming increasingly popular among seniors “because either Medicare will not cover it, or because the deductible and/or co-pay is more expensive compared to Mexico.”

About Cataract Laser Surgery

  • Cataract laser surgery, also known as refractive cataract surgery, is a newer, more sophisticated form of cataract surgery that not only removes the cataract, but improves the patient’s overall vision as well.
  • Traditional cataract surgery involves a series of small incisions in the lens of the eye which allow the cataract to be either broken down or removed as a whole, then replaced, either by an intraocular lens implant (IOL), or by special contact lenses or glasses. Refractive cataract surgery combines advances in both laser surgery and IOL technology to eliminate or reduce the need for corrective lenses after the procedure.
  • Refractive cataract surgery in Mexico is a common option for patients looking to save money on this new procedure. Many of the same clinics that perform LASIK surgery in Mexico can also perform laser cataract surgery.

Cost of Cataract Eye Surgery in Mexico

  • Cataract surgery prices in Mexico depend on a-hospital-in-tijuanaa number of factors, including whether one or both eyes need work, and the severity and type of vision loss, which will dictate the type of IOL necessary. Typically, though, patients can expect to pay up to 50% less for cataract laser surgery in Mexico than they would in the US. This is due to a number of factors, including the lower cost of living, and the lower cost of lenses for cataract surgery in Mexico.
  • For example, compare the cost of cataract surgery in Tijuana – Mexico with prices in the US; though cataract surgery in Mexico costs less, quality is often as good or better.
  • Many of the ophthalmologists in Mexico have been trained abroad and use the same equipment as American clinics.

Options for Cataract Surgery in Mexico

  • Tijuana: This bustling border city is just 17 miles from downtown San Diego. The many people who travel for quality eye treatment in Tijuana find the city an easy and convenient place for cataract surgery in Mexico. Those who opt to spend time in the city before or after their procedure will find it far more cosmopolitan than its reputation suggests.
  • Cancun: This city of 500,000 on the Yucutan Peninsula is an excellent choice for cataract removal surgery in Mexico. Famous for its beaches and Mayan ruins, many local resorts offer discounts on airfare, which has made the city a cheap and convenient place for medical tourism in recent years.

Other options for laser cataract removal in Mexico include border towns such as Mexicali, major cities such as Guadalajara, and popular tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta.

Regardless of whether you are traveling for cataract removal surgery in Tijuana, Cancun or elsewhere, you can expect to find that the quality and cost of cataract surgery in Tijuana and other parts of Mexico compares favorably to the US.

According to a report by Walecia Konrad published in The New York Times on March 20, 2009, “at least 85,000 Americans choose to travel abroad for medical procedures each year.” For senior citizens and others on a fixed income, medical tourism can be an excellent way to reduce costs for procedures that can vitally improve their quality of life. With cataract surgery in Mexico, you can restore your vision for a fraction of the price while experiencing the sights, sounds and rich culture south of the border.

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