Appendectomy Mexico

Often, you’ll dismiss a constant nagging and difficult to pinpoint pain in the abdomen area as an innocuous gastric upset from last night’s binge partying. And more often than not, a subsequent wrong diagnosis by your physician will lead to your hospitalization.  If you’re lucky enough to not have developed cancer, you would definitely repent paying through the nose post-op. Take a moment and touch your abdomen right now. Is the pain difficult to pinpoint? Consider Appendicectomy in Mexico. appendectomy-mexico

However, before you start making a list of hospitals in Tijuana, PVR, Mexicali, Ciudad Jaurez, or any other Mexican city for Appendectomy, knowing why the procedure may be needed in the first place would do you good.


Appendix – A Vestigial Organ

Yes, appendix is a worm-like projection extending from colon which has no function whatsoever and people who had it surgically removed – usually after its wayward behaviour – apparently, experienced no consequences and lived happily ever after, so to speak.

 What causes it to go wayward?  

While there are many theories, the blockage of appendix with stool or mucus from cecum seems the most plausible one. The resultant condition, known as appendicitis, requires prompt action else there is a risk of its inflammation and rupture.  In extreme cases, the infection might spill over into blood stream leading to life threatening circumstances, not to mention the magnified chances to develop cancer. The symptoms of appendicitis include but are not just limited to:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Inability to pass gas
  • Painful urination
  • Severe cramps
  • Diarrhoea with gas

If you are experiencing any or more of above symptoms, you should immediately consult a physician. On confirmation of appendicitis, you may consider a minimally incisive appendectomy in Mexico.

Going to Cancun for Appendisecotmy also presents a unique chance to relax on the Caribbean coast, or you may choose to get a taste of the Spanish architectural trends in the city of Guadalajara.

3 Reasons Why Removal of Appendix in Mexico Makes Sense

Besides the riveting tales about the rise and fall of the Aztecs, present day Mexico has a lot to offer to travelers and patients alike. And if you’re both, Mexican health tourism industry is well equipped to offer the best of both worlds. The tangible takeaways of appendicitis treatment in Mexico are:

  • The appendectomy surgery cost in Mexico is fraction of the cost in USA, Canada, Australia or Europe. The savings in lap appendectomy in Mexico can run up to 90%. For Appendectomy cost in Mexico, get your free quote here. mexiko-flagge-staunen
  • Since Appendectomy requires a prompt surgery, the cities of Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez are best suited as they offer not only the distance advantage to bordering US sister states of New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and California but also are well connected by air with rest of the world. Furthermore, Mexico is abounding with state-of-the-art hospitals holding JCI, ISO and other international accreditations.
  • A surgery is only as good as the doctor. Most Mexican doctors are educated and trained in the best medical schools in the stateside. In fact, most Californians prefer to cross borders regularly for appendix removal in Tijuana, breast reduction in Ciudad Juarez and a variety of cosmetic reasons such as dental implants as one can get discount surgeries in Mexico.

Few Tips for Medical Tourists in Mexico

Medical tourism in Mexico is witnessing an unprecedented growth. Apparently the reasons for this growth are progressive practices by the industry. For instance, medical loans are available at extremely low interest rates for financial assistance. Apart from these obvious reasons, medical tourism is booming for other reasons as well, such as:

  • Contrary to popular perception, Mexico is perfectly safe to visit. It’s true that tourism took a hit in 2010;  it is seeing a healthy revival. Rich in cultural heritage and picturesque archaeological sites, Mexico would surely catalyze post-surgery recuperation. Here’s a link to places in Mexico  Lonely Planet deems fit.
  • Whether or not you agree with Gustavo Arellano’s thesis How Mexican Food Conquered America, it is advised to practice moderation (read restraint) for a couple of days after the surgery. Once your doctor raises the green flag – INDULGE!
  • Witness a volcano, visit a beach, board a cruise ship, take a ride on copper canyon railway, make a list of things to do in Mexico, and then, do all those things.

While appendicitis is a fairly common ailment (In the US alone, according to WebMD, 1 in 15 people will get appendicitis) and appendix removal an uncomplicated surgery, laparoscopic appendectomy in Mexico offers not just physical wellbeing but mental and spiritual as well.
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