Knee Surgery in Mexico

knee-surgery-in-mexicoBy opting to undergo knee surgery in Mexico, patients from the US and Canada can save substantially and also have their procedure scheduled sooner. Knee surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta and other major Mexican cities is a viable option for those suffering from severe knee pain as the distance needed to be traveled is less – reducing not only travel costs, but also discomfort.

Arthritis or injury can severely damage knees, making it very painful and, in some cases, even impossible to walk, kneel, and perform routine tasks. If medication and other conventional treatments do not work, then one should consider knee surgery.

Common Knee Surgical Procedures

Mexico Health facilitates the following kinds of knee surgeries across top hospitals of the country:

  • Meniscus Repair
  • Tendon Repair
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery
  • Full/Partial Knee Replacement

Knee Surgery Costs

  • The cost of knee surgery in Mexico is only a fraction of prices charged in the US or Canada.
  • In fact one can easily strike 40 to 60 percent off the US prices by choosing a hospitals in Mexico for surgery.
  • The benefits of low living costs in the Latin American country get passed on to medical tourists in the form of affordable medical treatments. Right from cosmetic procedures to weight loss surgery, Mexico offers easy on the pocket treatments.
  • Please note that the final costs  would depend on the kind of surgery you would require.
  • Overseas medical tourists should factor in the cost of travel and stay in Mexico as well.
  • Many of them also choose to bring a companion for moral support. This can add to the expenses.

Advantages of Orthopedic Knee Surgery in Mexico

  • As mentioned earlier, Mexico offers affordable knee surgery.
  • Even though the cost of surgery is low, the quality of care offered by Mexico hospitals is on par with that available in the US or Canada.
  • Mexico is home to a number of state-of-the-art hospitals which have been accredited by the JCI and have received ISO certification.
  • These hospitals engage the latest medical technology and observe high standards of safety and quality.
  • Many doctors in Mexico have trained in the US and speak English fluently, ensuring that there are no communication problems.
  • Unlike in first world countries where there are long waiting lists, patients opting for orthopedic knee surgery in Mexico can look forward to prompt medical attention.
  • The lower cost of knee arthroscopy and surgery across the Mexican cities even allows many medical tourists to enjoy a vacation, of course before their surgery.

Preparing for Knee Surgery

  • Make sure you prepare your house in a manner tijuana-knee-surgery-in-mexicothat will aid your recovery.
  • Some of the items that you would need to help in your recovery are canes, crutches, walkers and handlebars.
  • You will also have to set up your bathroom by doing things like using an elevated toilet seat, attaching grab bars to the walls, and covering the floor with non-slip mats.
  • Adding nightlights to hallways and corridors would help you avoid tripping.
  • Also, since it will not be possible to travel to Mexico for post-surgery consultations, you will need to have a local doctor available for consultations.

Handy Tips on Mexico

  • Some cities in Mexico have a reputation for violence.
  • Patients need to research their destination to ensure that they are comfortable with the security levels and are aware of the precautions they need to follow.
  • Being away from home for an invasive procedure can be uncomfortable. Those choosing to have knee surgery in Mexico should consider bringing a companion along.

While the cost of knee surgery and the waiting list can deter some, the option of undergoing knee surgery in Mexico helps many lead an active life.

Mexico Health facilitates affordable medical treatments at various quality hospitals in Mexico. For more information, please submit the estimate-request form on the right.